For Nashville Shooting, NYT Takes 15 Paragraphs To Get To "Anti-White"
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Earlier: Hidden By Nashville Elected Officials, Transsexual Covenant School Mass-Shooter Manifesto Leaked: Filled With Anti-White Hate

Audrey Hale, the transgender shooter who killed six whites at a private Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, in March, was motivated not by “cis bigotry“ but by anti-white hatred.

That’s what can be gleaned from the three photographs of the manifesto obtained by Steven Crowder, the conservative talk-show host.  The photos seem to be confirmed as authentic by the local Fox affiliate.

Naturally, media coverage is light, but the New York Times felt obligated to do something, so it ran with “white male conservative does bad thing“ as its spin, i.e., Crowder is hurting the feelings of the Covenant Presbyterian community by releasing the photos.

Excerpts From Nashville School Shooter’s Writings Are Published Online

The publication of the apparent excerpts by a conservative commentator enraged the parents of surviving students, who have been fighting to keep the writings from ever becoming public.

By Emily Cochrane

Emily Cochrane, who lives in Nashville and covers the American South, has reported on the Covenant School shooting and its aftermath.

November 6, 2023

But Sen. J.D. Vance of Ohio and Elon Musk, among other high profile figures, got the spin right:  She/he was motivated by anti-white hate.

Mention of this happens in Paragraph 15 (!) of the Times story.

That’s remarkably deep burial.  The headline should have been: “Photos of Writings Reveal Transgender Shooter Was Motivated by Anti-White Hatred,“ but that’s a tack NYT editors are loathe to take.

I find it interesting that her interest wasn’t in either transgender or homosexual issues, or tenets of the Christian faith that forbid homosexuality, or even Christianity generally.

She was against whites, and some variation of wealthiness.  Very specifically: she did not like “mop yellow hair,“ khaki pants, or sports backpacks.


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