MSM Response To's Facts: "Peddle Your Racism Somewhere Else". (No Wonder They Were Surprised By Trump!)
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We recently received this discourteous response to a mailing:
From: Lara Starr [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Sunday, December 4, 2016 12:07 AM

To: Office <[email protected]>

Subject: Fw: 7 Ways Trump Proved Us Right

Peddle your racism somewhere else. Remove me from your mailing list.

Lara Starr, Producer

KGO News/Information 810 AM

750 Battery Street

San Francisco 94111

You want to know what that was in response to? It was a press release. I admit it did say we'd been right about Trump, but that's not racist in and of itself. It also had a picture of Peter Brimelow and his three adorable daughters—also not racist.

But my point is that we sent Ms. Starr a press release in her capacity as an employee of an MSM organization that might be interested in what had to say, because we were right all along about the election, and the MSM was wrong, wrong, wrong.

I mean, the whole Alt Right thing has been in all the papers, and there was this massive upset, and the MSM was all "What happened? Why did nobody tell me?"

And when we try to tell them, they're all "Peddle your racism somewhere else. Remove me from your mailing list."

What kind of politics does Ms. Starr follow? Well, according to her Twitter feed, it's credulous feminism. (The Alicia Machado attack on Trump.)

And equally credulous Black Lives Matter enthusiasm.

Mario Woods was the usual black madman with a knife who gets considered a victim after he's killed in self defense. The San Francisco Chronicle described him this way:

The final chapter of Mario Woods’ life began when he slashed a stranger for no apparent reason and ended with him staring at the barrel of a San Francisco police officer’s gun and saying, “You better squeeze that ... and kill me.”

Mario Woods’ last moments: ‘You better squeeze that ... and kill me’  By Matier & Ross Updated 4:41 pm, Tuesday, February 9, 2016

So who would Ms. Starr actually like to see as President? Hillary? Bernie? Whoever the Libertarian guy is this year? No, she's actually for President Squid. In her capacity as a children's book publicist, she's publicizing a propaganda effort aimed at kids, which features images like this:

The squid book really is deliberate propaganda aimed at kids—Ms. Starr writes

Does he remind you of anything in the running for President? Hmm….

The 5 Things It Takes to Be a Great President, According to a Squid,, March 1, 2016

That was during the primaries. Frankly, calling a candidate a "thing" is unacceptably dehumanizing when aimed at a talking squid.

Aimed at Donald Trump, it's the kind of rhetoric which has led to at least one  attempt on his life, many, many, assassination threats, and mobs surrounding his house.

But I return to my original point—if the MSM is in the hands of Generation Snowflake, and they don't want to listen, expect a lot more electoral surprises in the future.

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