High Integration Means Big Racial Gaps in School Test Scores
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From the New York Times:
As Other Districts Grapple With Segregation, This One Makes Integration Work



The 5,226-student district is one of the few in the country created through such a merger as part of a court-ordered integration effort, and one of even fewer that still endure. Even as communities around the country have been debating how to address school segregation, with some proposals for integration meeting fierce opposition, a new report from the Century Foundation, a left-leaning think tank, calls Morris a model of “diversity and togetherness.”

… The Morris district is notable in that it has long been committed to diversity, even as the composition of its student body has changed. Meanwhile, schools nearby and in New York City have remained deeply segregated.
It’s worth noting that according to the Stanford Education Data Archive of school test scores, which I wrote about for Taki’s Magazine last spring, Morris has the 94th worst white-black test score gap out of more than 2000 school districts nationwide. Morris’s white-Hispanic test score gap is even more of a chasm: Morris comes in 29th worst in the entire country.

Generally speaking, liberal and wealthy districts suffer the worst racial disparities in school achievement. For example, the most gaping white-black disparity in the entire United States is found in Berkeley, CA.

The most impressive combinations of diversity, high average test scores, and modest racial gaps tend to be found in Texas exurbs, such as Frisco, the new home of the Dallas Cowboys.

… Paul Tractenberg, a professor emeritus at Rutgers Law School and the president of the Center for Diversity and Equality in Education, who co-wrote the Century Foundation report, says the [Morris, NJ] district has a “remarkable can-do attitude” that has allowed officials to continuously “rejigger what they are doing to accommodate the demands of the moment.”
The word “rejigger” strikes me as potentially problematic. I suspect that professors younger than emeritus would automatically shy away from saying “rejigger” to the New York Times.

You think you are a widely admired senior statesman in the war on white racism, but you don’t notice all the hungry eyes staring at your corner office from their cubicles. To them, you are just another Privileged Old White Man who is racistly and sexistly hogging one of the good jobs in the Social Justice Industry. Sure, maybe you’ll get away with using “rejigger” in 2016, but in 2017 you might be quoted on NPR using, say, the word “denigrate,” and a quick Twitterstorm later, you’ll be carrying a cardboard box of your personal effects down the elevator while a younger, quicker SJW measures the drapes in your old office.

It’s the SJW Circle of Life:

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