MSM, GOP Contenders Happily Ignore Immigration Completely In TWO Debates!
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Two GOP debates in less than 24 hours –four hours of talk – and not one word on immigration!

It is not as if the issue does not exist in New Hampshire. A question from the floor in a debate in the state in June produced one of the more informative discussions on the issue so far this campaign. The Mayor of Manchester pleaded recently for a slowdown in refugee-dumping in his city. A Somali schoolboy subsequntly demonstrated the benefits of the policy by savagely assaulting a 12 year old girl classmate. And Senator Ayotte used imigration against a primary opponent in 2010 – although she has dodged the issue ever since.

No questions from the floor allowed this time of course.

With Michelle Bachmann gone, none of the GOP candidates are likely to raise the issue voluntarily. Instead they will supinely allow the MSM/Treason Lobby to control the debate.

Low GOP turnout, here we come.

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