Mr. Thompson, there's this thing called the Internet...
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The Fred Thompson ”Campaign”s stupid decision to appoint as senior advisor the execrable Spencer Abraham (which completely destroys Thompson’s pretensions to be on the patriotic side in the immigration battle) looks like it is shaping up to be another case study in the power of the Internet to outflank the MSM.

Google News as of Saturday night showed little sign of meaningful comment by traditional conduits on the significance of this insertion of an open-borders enthusiast into the Thompson operation. However, Bloggers have got the message, and are responding.

I will not support Fred Thompson says And Rightly So!

The fact that Thompson has some questionable votes on his record…along with this hiring of Mr. Abraham, tells me all I need to know. He doesn’t get my support. And he shouldn’t get the support of anyone who has a problem with the current immigration status: If Thompson is willing to hire such open border advocates for his campaign, imagine who he’d place into important government positions in charge of borders and national security.

”Conservatives beware…’ says Vanishing American:

Although we read Thompson's comments on the appalling Hazleton decision, and we see that he is essentially saying the 'right' thing, (though he carefully refers to illegal immigration only), talk is cheap, and actions speak louder than words. So despite his saying what a prudent candidate would say about the court decision on Hazleton, his choice of Abraham speaks louder than his comments about illegal immigration.

VA goes on to discuss and link to a devastating analysis of Thompson by Richard Viguerie.

Bloggin on down the Rogue also gets straight to the point:

Spencer Abraham, no way in Hell, Fred Thompson

and links to several other blogs.

A like-minded internet faction, with different priorites than, is denouncing Abraham because of his Arab heritage and sympathies. Examples are The Gates of Vienna and

Left to the MSM Inside-the-Beltway crowd Abraham’s appointment would be a ripple. But with facts and arguments circulating so rapidly, my guess is it will prove to be a lethal event.

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