Marxican Propaganda: Today's Chunk
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The anti-assimilation piece quoted below is more proof that we are stupidly allowing the formation of a hostile fifth column, millions of Mexicans still loyal to their homeland who are only here for the money and care not one iota about the American principles we treasure. Saying that they "assimilate on their own terms" means they do not intend to acculturate in any way. It's more deception wrapped up in PC language to assuage the uncritical.

As I wrote last year, a little-noted poll from the reputable Zogby firm found that Mexicans have a very low opinion of Americans and our culture: Our Friendly Neighbors Spill the Frijoles. Mexicans believe we are exploitive, racist, corrupt and lazy. It turns out our southern neighbors aren't friendly at all; they are downright antagonistic.

So why would Mexicans assimilate to a culture and a people they clearly hate? It's money that they come for — and that's all.

Assimilation, according to Tomas Jimenez, a sociology professor at the University of California, San Diego, "no longer means you have to disown your culture and adopt a new lifestyle identified with Anglo-Protestant culture."

In an essay published in the Los Angeles Times, Jimenez said that due to Latinos, "multiculturalism and the appreciation of diversity are much more accepted than before." [...]

What's certain is that many Latinos live with one foot in each culture, and that they flow like water from one side to the other, something you can see each time the Mexican national soccer team faces the United States in the fiercest sporting rivalry in North America.

Ricardo Castro, brother of Cristobal and also a naturalized U.S. citizen, said he considers himself 100 percent Mexican. [Latinos Assimilate on Their Own Terms, Enlace 7/27/07]

If you disagree with Professor Jimenez and perhaps believe that immigration still requires the same patriotic assimilation that it ever did, you can e-mail him your well considered thoughts.

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