Thompson Campaign Hires Open Borders Icon
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Fred Thompson is not looking like the great conservative hope which many have imagined. His hiring of open-borders henchman Spencer Abraham should be a dash of cold water on any fantasies that Fred is the real deal for a law-and-borders President. The writing is on the wall.

Acting campaign manager Tom Collamore will still advise Thompson, but his presidential operation will be run by the duo of former senator and energy secretary Spencer Abraham and a Florida GOP strategist, Randy Enright, according to Rozett. [Thompson Shakes Up Staff, The Guardian 7/24/07]

Before Abraham was energy secretary, he was the Senator from Michigan, who successfully led efforts to reduce the effectiveness of the 1996 reform legislation. He was defeated for re-election by Debbie Stabenow, in part because of his anti-enforcement politics.

How bad could Spencer Abraham be? In 1997, La Raza gave him its "Defender of the Melting Pot" award.

All you need to know.

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