Fred Thompson Weighs In On Hazleton
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Fred Thompson, (who is not yet a candidate for anything) chimes in on the Hazleton decision:

Let’s be clear about what’s going on here. No matter what some groups may be trying to do to muddy the water and portray Hazleton’s law as something playing to an uglier agenda, this law is not about legal immigration. This law is about dealing with the illegal immigration problem in Hazleton. The town’s mayor and city officials made this clear from the beginning, and it seems like they took a common sense approach.

Our constitutional system allows cities to take reasonable steps to protect their citizens. When the federal government is unwilling to enforce immigration laws effectively, then cities need to be able to act, and take reasonable steps to secure their citizens from the social, financial, and criminal costs of illegal immigration.

No doubt, this ruling will be appealed. And it should be.

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I want to point out that the problems with mass immigration would be just as bad if the immigrants were legal(Derek Kichline, who was murdered in Hazleton would be just as dead if his attacker had had a Green Card ) but if the were legal there would be nothing that could even be attempted to be done by the Hazleton City Council, because of the Civil Rights laws. That's why the defeat of amnesty is so important.

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