Most Wanted Man In Maryland Is African Immigrant
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A story from the Washington Examiner. Note that rather than describing him as an African immigrant, it describes him as having been " born in Africa." It may be just my paranoia that thinks they do that as a way of not associating the words immigrant and crime.(Compare media use of the phrase "native of.") However, I come by my paranoia honestly—there actually are people out to get me.

Most wanted - Marshals seek man with 7 outstanding warrants

By: Scott McCabe Washington Examiner 04/15/09 9:05 AM

U.S. marshals are looking for a Maryland man wanted on seven outstanding warrants who is dealing with mental issues and has a history of fighting off police.

The fugitive file for Yaqoub Janabi, 22, warns law enforcement officers to approach him with caution because he might be mentally unstable, said Matthew Burke, supervisory inspector with the Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force.

Janabi also poses a risk to the public, police said.

”Our concern is that he could end up hurting somebody if someone comes across him at the wrong time,” Burke said.

Janabi has seven warrants issued from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office for failing to appear in court on multiple cases in June and July 2007. Janabi was arrested on charges of assault with a weapon, possession of weapon while resisting arrest, disturbing the public, possession of marijuana, theft and burglary. He also has an arrest in New York on a charge of public lewdness.

The task force is seeking the public’s help in locating Janabi so marshals can take him into custody quickly and get him back into the judicial system and under court supervision.

Janabi was born in Africa. He has lived in Burtonsville and Frederick and has family there. He is described as 5 feet 9, 160 pounds.[More]

I bet the police description says more than that he's "5 feet 9, 160 pounds." I assume that the Marshal's Service gave a description that said he's dark-skinned and wears dreadlocks, as you can see in the picture above. But the Washington Examiner is conditioned not to say that, even though they're printing the picture.
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