More Crazed Amnesty For Illegal Aliens With Oustanding Deportation Orders
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The Obama Regime's Administrative Amnesty knows no end. The Regime recently expanded the amnesty to those aliens who have absconded from outstanding orders of removal. The Regime not only is now refusing to execute orders of removal, but assuring groups of illegal aliens that they will not be deported. Plus a nice chunk of change for getting arrested in the first place.

NYT February 14, 2012 by Kirk Semple

U.S. to Pay Immigrants Over Raids

The federal government has agreed to pay $350,000 to settle a civil rights lawsuit filed by 11 Latino immigrants who were arrested in 2007 in a series of immigration raids at their homes in New Haven, lawyers for the plaintiffs said on Tuesday.

The government has also agreed not to deport the plaintiffs, a legal group at Yale Law School that is representing them said in a statement.

Of more interest though is the fallacious claim that he raids were in "retaliation" for the support for illegal aliens by the city of New Haven.

The operation began two days after the city approved a plan to offer identification cards to all city residents, including illegal immigrants. The lawsuit claimed that the operation began in retaliation for the plan, a charge the federal government denied.

If U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were concerned about the city aiding and abetting illegal aliens, it could well have easily arrested the city officials providing and processing the identification cards provided to the illegal aliens. But in reality, the operations were long planned to arrest the illegals who had outstanding deportation orders.

Now, just as another group of illegal aliens demanded amnesty from the courts based on ICE's ongoing amnesty program, now other illegal aliens with outstanding deportation orders will demand the same immunity from deportation that these aliens obtained.


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