More Border Patrol Diversity
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From the James Pinkerton column linked below:

"Though the Border Patrol force has become more ethnically diverse, it's still 95 percent male. However, the recruiting drive boosted the number of female agents to nearly 1,000."

When I read that, I swore out loud. Look, there are plenty of big-city departments where policewomen do an excellent job as detectives and patrol officers. But the Border Patrol is a paramilitary organization that operates in open country, in situations where they're outnumbered and far from help. This is not the place for female officers.

One more thing about the Border Patrol's diversity:

"[T]he expanded border agency is now 54 percent minority. Hispanics like Caballero comprise 52 percent of the agents."

Which means that in spite of what the CBP website calls an "aggressive recruiting campaign across the Southeastern United States looking for qualified African American candidates," the have almost no blacks, and even fewer Asians.

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