"It Was About Gangsters Who Became Cops."
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The American Enterprise has a good article about the consequences of affirmative action in police hiring. In order to attract minorities, a police department has to compete with private industry, which offers jobs where you can stay home at night, and nobody shoots at you. This is true for recruiting and retention of white officers, too, but good minority candidates are very much sought after by quota-driven industries. That means much lower standards for minority cops, especially in the area of background checks, and that means...

Although it did not receive much attention in the mainstream media, an embarrassing truth was exposed: Many L.A. cops had been corrupted by black gangsters (just as many New York cops were corrupted in another era by the Italian mob). "Rampart wasn't about cops who became gangsters," explained former LAPD deputy chief Downing. "It was about gangsters who became cops." The American Enterprise: How Racial P.C. Corrupted the LAPD By Jan Golab, June 2005
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