"Miss England" And "Miss Ireland" Are Both Black
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Beauty pageants are always worth a look. They had one in Ireland last week. The winner, the new Miss Ireland, was 26-year-old Pamela Uba, and a bonny colleen she is. Another thing she is, is … black.

Ms. Uba immigrated from South Africa at age seven. Now she is the very first black Miss Ireland, further reinforcing our perception of Ireland as the Heart of Wokeness.

Although for that title—not the Miss Ireland title, the Heart of Wokeness title—the Micks may have competition from their old enemy across the Irish Channel. August 31st a new Miss England was crowned. She is 25-year-old Rehema Muthamia and yes, she's black too, from Kenya this time.

As Mark Collett over at Gab observed, quote:

Miss England and Miss Ireland … it's almost as if there is a concerted effort to replace Europeans.

But hey, what did Europeans ever do to improve the world? Slavery, colonialism, Emmett Till, Stephen Lawrence, George Floyd …

I for one welcome our new black overlords … and overladies.

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