Mickey Kaus For Senate?
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According to the LA Weekly, blogger Mickey Kaus has been planning a run for the Senate, probably as a protest against amnesty—the item is headed CORRECTED: Mickey Kaus Takes Out Papers For U.S. Senate Run which explains the strikethroughs below:
Pioneering political blogger Mickey Kaus took out papers filed to run for U.S. Senate in California, he told LA Weekly. The Venice resident said he'll run this year against Barbara Boxer for her seat. He said he took out filed papers at with the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters, although a spokeswoman there could not yet confirm the filing.

The Democrat has been centrist and even conservative on some of the issues on which Boxer has taken a more left-leaning stand, including immigration: He does not favor amnesty and favors a more restrictive national policy.

Kausreplied with a blog post titled KF Caught In The Act:
The rollout didn't go as my team of highly paid media consultants*[*--Note to  F.E.C.: Joke! ...] had planned— L.A. Weekly got it way before it was supposed to. Heads will roll around here. But I did go down to the local registrar's office Monday and take out nomination papers to run in the primary for U.S. Senator against Barbara Boxer. If I return them in timely fashion with enough signatures, I should be able to get on the June ballot. We'll see what happens.

This isn't the place to make an electioneering spiel—I don't want to be a test case of campaign finance law if I can help it. But the basic idea would be to argue, as a Democrat, against the party's dogma on several major issues (you can guess which ones). Likeminded Dem voters who assume they will vote for Sen. Boxer The Incumbent in the fall might value a mechanism that lets them register their dissent in the primary.

See what Steve Sailer said about Mickey Kaus in 2002—Kausfiles, one of the earliest blogs, has been opposed to massive amnesty since 2001, when it was part of Bush's original legislative agenda, pre-9/11. More   of VDARE.com on Kaus can be found here.

Protest candidacies can be fun—Joe Guzzardi ran for Governor of California in 2003, and while he didn't, technically, get elected, he headed his post-election column "Why I Won."

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