Buy "What's Wrong With Our Schools"!
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I'm never going to write another book about education again because I've come to the conclusion that the Ed Establishment a.k.a. The Blob is impenetrable and because I think immigration is the more important issue. But education IS an important issue and I recently gave a new book this blurb:

A clear, fluent and (yes!) common-sensible alternative to the culture of romantic progressivism which has captured so completely the education establishment throughout North America. The authors have read the research, but they draw also critically on classroom experience and make recommendations that are practical in the distinctly unideal reality of today's public school systems.

In the way of publishers, the title has now been changed so that my reference to "common sense" is unintelligible (and I'm not holding my breath waiting to see my blurb in print) but I do think Michael Zwaagstra, Rodney Clifton and John Long's What's Wrong With our Schools: And How We Can Fix Them is worth pre-ordering here.

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