Calderon in Canada
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Felipe Calderon, Mexico's president-elect (scheduled to take office on December 1st) is already taking the international tours the current president (Vicente Fox) is famous for. In early October Calderon took a tour of Latin America, where he bashed the border fence. On October 26th and 27th, Calderon was in Canada when Bush actually signed the fence bill.

Calderon bashed the border fence decision, calling it "deplorable", "a grave error" and likened it to the Berlin Wall.

The next day in Ottawa , Calderon called the wall "an unnecessary complication, inopportune and hurtful to both peoples."

Besides bellyaching about the border wall, Calderon was also visiting our northern neighbor to increase Mexican immigration to Canada. Apparently the U.S. isn't big enough for all the Mexicans Calderon wants to send north, so he'd like for some to go to Canada. There's already a guest worker program for Mexican agricultural workers there , and Calderon wants to expand it to include non-agricultural workers as well.

Also in Canada, Calderon spoke favorably of the prospect of a common North American currency within 20 years.

Robert Pastor's "amero", by any chance?

Heads up, Americans. Calderon is scheduled to come calling on George W. Bush in the Oval Office on November 9th.

What will Bush promise Calderon during that meeting?

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