Dobbs in Cancun, Notes Shotgun Marriage
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Yesterday, Lou Dobbs Tonight reported live from Cancun, where the latest version of the Three Amigos is convening to discuss trade and immigration (which apparently require shafting the American middle class). Naturally el Presidente Fox is pumped over the opportunity to subject Bushie to still more arm twisting about immigration, so the richie rich Mexican oligarchs can continue to "live like maharajas" in the low-maintenance remittance economy.

Lurking in the background is the transnational elites' plan for "integrating" the North American continent. (See the Council for Foreign Relations document Building a North American Community for the general proposal, generally called the Security and Prosperity Partnership.)

A segment of Lou Dobbs Tonight pointedly discussed the globalist policy underpinning open borders and lax immigration enforcement, namely the planned shotgun marriage between the United States and Mexico (as well as Canada) through trade agreements [ Lou Dobbs Transcript, 3/29/06].

ROBERT PASTOR, "TOWARD A NORTH AMERICAN COMMUNITY": It's much more than a partnership. To think about a community is to think that if one of the members of the community is harmed, it harms the other two. And if they benefit, all three benefit.

SYLVESTER: Pastor wants the United States to invest in Mexico's infrastructure and bring jobs to the country, raising the Mexican quality of life. But that is precisely what has critics worried about integrating economies.

The United States, a first-world country, having to absorb Mexico, a developing country, with U.S. taxpayers shouldering the social costs. Mexico and the United States are worlds apart when it comes to labor rules, environment regulations, even legal systems.

Far from the high-level activities in Cancun, the majority of Americans remain attached to the idea of one nation under sovereignty and within borders, where citizens are protected by the Bill of Rights. Most would agree with Czech President Vaclav Klaus' statement: "You cannot have democratic accountability in anything bigger than a nation state."

The transnational elites' vision is entirely different. They imagine that they know better how to run the planet, and believe democracy and sovereignty are tiresome inefficiencies on the global economy.

In case there was any doubt...

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