Mexico Now #3 in the World in Coronavirus Deaths
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COVID-19 got to Mexico about a month after arriving to the United States, so it got off to a later start there. 

Back in March, I reported a leak from the Mexican Cabinet of a prediction made in the early stages of the virus in Mexico.  Coronavirus Point Man Dr. Hugo Lopez-Gatell's team predicted that  a maximum of 2,000 Mexicans would die of COVID-19.  They thought that the racial mixture of Europeans and Indians that produced the majority of the Mexican population would help give the population greater resistance to the virus.

It looks like they were wrong.  According to Worldometer, the COVID-19 death count in Mexico has reached 48,020, as of August 3, 2020. 

In fact, Mexico now has the world's third-highest COVID-19 death rate, after the U.S. (158,625) and Brazil (94,130).  The death rate per million for the U.S. is 479, for Brazil it's 443 and for Mexico it's 370. 

Several other countries (India, Russia and South Africa) have higher quantities of COVID-19 cases, but fewer COVID-19 deaths. 


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