Mexicans Rejigger Good Friday as an Amnesty Extravaganza
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For Mexicans stuck on open-borders, no topic is out of bounds for use in their ceaseless, shameless drumbeat of victimhood. So a vile depiction of Jesus as a "migrant" for political purposes is just another day in Mexico City during Easter week.

For the occasion, a gaggle of amnesty-obsessed Mexicans concocted a tacky bit of street theater, crudely based on the Passion of Christ. A Mexican playing Jesus carried a cross and led a throng past the United States Embassy on the way to Calvary.

Yep, the suffering of Jesus for the sins of the world was deemed a dandy plot device to depict Mexicans as Christ-like innocents at the hands of cruel Americans. Scourging Roman centurions were transposed into ICE agents to underline the political point. [Jesus as a migrant in Mexico City pro-immigration street theater, Los Angeles Times La Plaza Blog, April 6, 2009]

Organized by pro-immigration activists, the street performance depicted Jesus as a Mexican migrant, and as the actor walked around dragging his cross, others wearing T-shirts emblazoned with ICE (U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and INM (Instituto Nacional de Migracion, Mexico's national migration agency) flogged him from behind shouting, "Walk, wretch, walk!"

One of the organizers was Elvira Arellano, who shot into the spotlight in both the United States and Mexico in 2006 after she took refuge in a Chicago church to avoid being deported back to Mexico.

Elvira! The convicted felon was finally deported back to Mexico after much drama, but still manages to complain long-distance about American immigration enforcement. How can we miss her when she won't go away?

For the Christmas version of Mexicans with similarly inflated views of themselves (often comparing their lawbreaking to the struggles of "migrants" Mary and Joseph), see Mexicans' Merry Posadas from last December.

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