Is Obama Citizenship Issue A Substitute For Politics?
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I once shrank from publishing an article by Hugh McInnish about the Council On Foreign Relations and the projected North American Union on the squishy grounds that, while probably true, it would appear crank-like. Later, as the issue surfaced anyway, I decided I'd been wrong. Maybe I am equally wrong not to run Hugh's account of his recent conversation with Senator Jeff Sessions, a true immigration patriot hero, about persistent internet rumors that President Obama was not born in the U.S., and is thus ineligible for the Presidency. Hugh has posted it on his Suppressed News site here.

We've published only a little on this issue, partly because it is so well covered elsewhere, and partly because of Steve Sailer's careful conclusion, in America's Half Blood Prince, that it just doesn't fit the chronology. But basically, I instinctively regard it as a substitute for politics, like the long drawn-out Monica Lewinsky saga during the Clinton Administration. Don't get me wrong: Clinton was eventually maneuvered into perjuring himself, for which he should have been impeached, and it wouldn't at all shock me to find out that Obama is lying too. But I figure someone else will find out eventually. Meanwhile, who else other than VDARE.COM is talking about, for example, immigration-driven swamping of the historic American nation or Immigrant Mass Murder Syndome or immigrant displacement of American workers etc. etc?

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