Mexican Teachers Invading Utah Schools - With Govt., MSM Support
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Thanks to an alert VDARE.COM reader in Utah for this: Representatives from Granite, Davis, Tooele and Salt Lake school districts traveled to Mexico City last week to meet with 50 Mexicans who want teaching jobs in Utah, inspired by an agreement Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. forged during his 2005 visit to Mexico.

But parents and teachers in Utah, don't worry! They have nothing but the best in mind for your students — if the students are Mexican.

The arrangement is also intended to develop a better understanding of both countries' educational systems, history and culture while helping Spanish-speaking students in Utah do better in school... "We are very happy. We've had some great success," [Granite educrat Mike] Fraser said. "What is best about this is they've got proven teaching experience and, more than anything, they're fluent in Spanish."
Mexican teachers to buttress local schools:They will help Spanish speakers do better in school; no Utahn is being deprived of a job, by Roxana Orellana, Salt Lake Tribune 06/11/2007

But, judging by the lengthy comments posted on the Salt Lake Tribune's page, very few of their readers are fooled. Let's hope they vote that way.

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