Merkel's Germany Leading The Way In Fighting Asylum Fraud
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As the kids say today, WTF? Germany? The land of Mutti Merkel, the land of the zerg rush of 2015 when over 1 million illegal aliens flooded Germany from the Third World? Well, not that, but some sensible Germans are realizing the error they made and are attempting to not correct, i.e. deport this mess of criminals and welfare cheats, but ameliorate the problem.

Despite the lack of deportations, the German solution, or mitigation, has lessons for immigration reform in the United States.

Under a draft law, immigrants living in Germany under a false name would later find it extremely difficult to become citizens. The government’s changes could also hamper children’s chances of citizenship.

In an apparent bid to deter asylum-seekers from providing false information about their identities, the German government plans on making it harder for foreign nationals to attain citizenship, Die Welt newspaper reported on Friday.

A draft law drawn up by the Interior Ministry targets immigrants who have been living in Germany under a false name or provided authorities with incorrect information about their country of origin when they arrived.

Currently, foreigners are generally eligible for German citizenship if they’ve lived in the country for eight years or more.

Under the new law, the years that an immigrant lived under a false identity would no longer count towards the total years required to attain citizenship.

[Germany Plans Stricter Citizenship Rules, Deutsche Welle, April 17, 2020]

And it is not just citizenship fraud that the Interior Ministry is targeting, it is also applications for residence permits.

The draft law would also create a second significant hurdle to citizenship by changing the rules on residence permits.

Under the new measures, immigrants found living under a false identity would be denied an unlimited or permanent residence permit. The law would make “the clarification of identity and nationality” a prerequisite for attaining permanent resident status.

This is something that the United States needs. While providing a false name and other personal identifiers is considered by various provisions of the United States Code to be fraud (as is giving false information about one’s citizenship and nationality) such provisions prohibiting fraud aree rarely enforced. In practice, there is little or no attempt to verify the personal identity of an alien applying for asylum, nor for any benefit after asylum is granted, such as legal permanent residence or citizenship.

Nor is there any attempt to verify the facts underlying the initial asylum claim, and little or any effort to verify the initial claims when the alien progresses to applications for legal permanent residence and citizenship. Generally the rule is "fool me once, shame on me" and nothing will happen unless there is a particularly egregious asylum fraud scheme involving multiple persons. Otherwise, you are in free with your initial lies.

Often Deep State saboteurs in the immigration bureaucracy, kritarchs, and the Treason Bar claim that the aliens have been here long enough that we can’t send them back, even though they lied. And that is it. Frequently the Treason Bar and the aliens claim that they did not know it was wrong to lie about their names or claim they had to use a false name to avoid persecution of family members back home. They have a million excuses.

It is time for the United States to include such specific provisions that have been proposed in Germany. And to back up that law with the only way to root out asylum and other immigration fraud, by using a polygraph examination to establish the identity of an alien applying for any immigration benefit, especially an asylum application.

Using polygraphs during the process will first deter fraud, as few aliens can be trained to the level necessary to beat a polygraph, as yes, you can beat the polygraph or the polygrapher, but it is very difficult. Using polygraph examinations will also detect fraud for those who want to chance it. But most importantly, adding the polygraph to application process for legal permanent residence and citizenship will catch those who have initially beaten the current system.

It is an old saying in Federal investigations, if you aren’t certain of their story, put them on the box. The box will reveal the truth. And I can say from personal experience, it works. It’s like magic, but it’s science. And worse yet, it is a crime that the polygraph has never been a tool in immigration benefits adjudication. Obviously Deep State sabotage.

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