Menstruation Huts And Nepalese Immigrants—If One Comes To America, Does The Other?
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A teenager has died in a menstruation hut in Nepal. CNN asks, "Nepal Failing To Protect Women?"

I don't much care what a menstruation hut is. Like bride-burning and clitorectomies, it's not something I need to know about.

But I do have few questions for the Sisterhood: What comes first on the feminist agenda? Protecting women? Or respecting other cultures? What about "diversity?" Why is CNN asking that presumptuous question? Shouldn't we be pro-choice on menstruation huts?

An idea for the multiculturalists: Let's bring the whole population of Nepal here — anyone can be American if they wear T-shirts, shop at Walmart and memorize "all men are created equal"—then we can add menstruation huts to honor killing as a new American tradition!

An even better idea: Let's get the refugee activists to resettle the horde of Nepalese in this town.

After all, only a village like that could make these folks feel welcome!


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