Media Matters' Smear Of Steve King--Pathologizing Immigration Patriotism, With "Guilt By No Association"
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Media Matters, the David Brock-led, George Soros funded Democratic attack site feels no shame, no matter how guilty their own associates are, in using "guilt by association" tactics on immigration patriots. As usual, they don't even need any actual association.

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) hosts a page on his congressional website about “illegal immigrant stories” that cites the white nationalist publication VDare.

King is a racist congressman who has a history of pushing bigotry. He recently promoted British neo-Nazi Mark Collett on Twitter (the congressman has since claimed ignorance of Collett’s views).

King’s website features a page titled “Illegal Immigration Stories” that contains information about “illegal aliens” allegedly committing crimes. King has frequently smeared immigrants as prone to criminality; in reality, studies show that immigration does not increase the rate of crime.

One of King’s citations on that “Illegal Immigration Stories” page is an April 2016 VDare piece headlined “Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Kills Woman, Is Granted Bail and Disappears.” The VDare piece, by anti-immigrant writer Brenda Walker, begins by stating: “Funny how after all these years of Americans being run down by drunk driving illegal aliens, the crime of inebriated vehicle operation by unlawful foreigners is still not taken seriously by authorities.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote that...

Rep. Steve King’s anti-immigrant page cites a white nationalist website, by Eric Hananoki, June 15, 2018

They've gone to the trouble of screenshotting the one link (out of 132!) that leads to us, on the theory that King might delete it, which he hasn't.

They are also whining about King and Peter Brimelow being on the same panel at CPAC, at which Peter gave a presentation about bilingualism as it has played out in Canada--between two groups of white people.

At the bottom, there's a note that some of the 132 stories are from MSM sources, some are from FAIR (which they call a hate group) and some are from Breitbart.

There is, of course, almost no association between King and us, except for a common belief in immigration patriotism. This is about pathologizing that patriotism.

If you want to know why whatever King staffer set up the page chose links from us as well as other immigration patriot sources, it's because unlike the MSM, we tell the truth in the headlines.

That just makes it easier to find in Google. An MSM headline won't say the rapist, drunk driver, or murderer is illegal. If they mention it at all, it'll be near the bottom.

The Brenda Walker story King's page linked to was headlined

Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Kills Woman, Is Granted Bail and Disappears

It's the story of Edwin Mejia and Sara Root--Edwin, left, killed Sarah, right, and fled after being granted bail.

A typical story about Mejia before Donald Trump referred to his case during the campaign would say something like

Felony arrest warrant issued for Eswin Mejia

Kevin Cole, BH Media News Service, Feb 12, 2016

That story has no clue that he's illegal, and refers to him as an "Omaha man". (Eswin is an alias.)  The only clue for internet detectives that he might be illegal in that story is the fact that he had no driver's license.

Here's another story, about a precisely similar case, also from Omaha, which actually mentions the Sarah Root case. Check out the headline:

Fatal hit-and-run suspect went by several names, investigators say
WOWT, Apr 17, 2018

You think that's easy for a Congressional staffer to find? For the truth about illegal alien crime, you kind of have to cite "fringe" news sources, because the MSM has an official policy of suppressing and lying about it.

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