Martin Luther King Day Archives
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The FBI surveillance tapes on Martin Luther Kingare sealed by court order until the year 2027, but's MLK archives are always online. Probably the most significant thing in our archives is Helms, Jesse. "Remarks of Senator Jesse Helms." Congressional Quarterly 129, no. 130 (October 3, 1983): S13452-S13461. Helms, asked to vote in favor of a national holiday in honor of Martin Luther King, had asked to see the FBI's records, not only for the character-related material, (i.e. adultery) but for the record of what the FBI had found out about his political associates (i.e. Communism). That's the stuff that's still sealed until the year 2027.

The late Sam Francis explained this in The King Holiday and Its Meaning. My own When Records Are Sealed: A Meditation On Martin Luther King Day, last year featured a round up of articles on the subject:

If you're one of the 29 percent of Americans who gets off work on MLK Day, enjoy it! In the words of Chris Rock, "You gotta be pretty racist to not want a day off from work."
If you are stuck at a computer, take some time to look at these.
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