As We Predicted: MLK Day Turns Into A Martha Coakley Rally
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On Saturday, I blogged  that Martin Luther King Day would be turned into a last minute Martha Coakley campaign rally, and  my prediction was proven correct. Only it was not President Obama who compared King  to Coakley, it was Martha Coakley herself.

Speaking at the MLK Day Breakfast in Boston this morning, Martha Coakley specifically invoked King's legacy and said, ”If Dr. King were here today, he'd be standing with us" [Democrat Coakley says she will continue Martin Luther Kings work, MyFoxBoston, January 18, 2010  ].

But certainly the most  arrogant line  from Coakley's speech  was when she linked King's "I Have a Dream" speech to tomorrow's election. "We remember the dream tomorrow [Election Day] and we will act on the dream tomorrow." Martin Luther King, Jr.'s son also got up to speak,  and  exhorted the crowd to  vote for Coakley as well.    [See video]

After she spoke, Coakley worked the room and posed for pictures with the many black faces in the audience. Right now, I'm sure she's crossing her fingers, hoping that all this feel-good footage makes the evening news.

Scott Brown, of course, was not invited to speak, but he attended the breakfast anyway.

"I didn't realize that this was a rally for Martha. And I thought it was inappropriate that she started asking for votes," Brown told reporters. [Coakley, Brown the Buzz at MLK Breakfast, by Peter Schworm, Boston Globe,  January18, 2010].

Inappropriate, perhaps. But  hardly surprising.

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