MARKETWATCH LEFTIST: MSM's "Blatant" Anti Trump Bias May Be Suicidal
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The webzine MarketWatch has had a complicated ownership history in its 19 years but is now part of the Dow Jones group - which makes is a sister operation of the Wall Street Journal and Fox News. I use it heavily professionally, partly because of its excellent charts.

Notwithstanding these affiliations and its apparent market orientation to high net worth retirees all political commentary there in my experience has been partisan leftist: an anomaly easier to understand if you comprehend the general journalistic dynamic.

Peter Brimelow contributed there for a number of years confined strictly to financial matters. He related in his 2015 Amren speech

When the Census Bureau announced that news [that a majority of children in the US were non-white] by the way, the Editor of MarketWatch told me he had fifteen of my colleagues come into his office or email him to tell him not to let me write about it.
Consequently I was astonished to see on Thursday Blatant bias against Trump may hasten the end of mainstream media by Darrell Delamaide MarketWatch Nov 3, 2016
Whatever else this year’s bizarre and destructive presidential campaign achieves, it may well sound the death knell for legacy news media.

Newspapers have long since been doomed by the digital revolution and the collapse of their economic model…Broadcast networks, too, face severe difficulties as new technologies and changes in viewing habits transform the television industry…

But it is the bias of the establishment media so blatantly in favor of the establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton, that may strip these news organizations of their last claim to value — as an objective and authoritative source of information — and hasten their demise.

Delamaide then reviews two supportive essays Why Readers See The Times as Liberal Liz Spaide The New York Times July 23, 2016 and the much more incisive This Election Has Disgraced the Entire Profession of Journalism by Ken Silverstein 11/02/16
This election has exposed as never before that there is indeed a media elite, bound together by class and geography, that is utterly clueless about its own biases and filters. A vast number of journalists covering the presidential campaign are economically privileged brats that seem blissfully unaware that for most Americans, the economy is in recession and people are terrified.

If you don’t understand that, you can’t understand Trump.

Silverstein has a number of remarkable stories and winds up with an incendiary quote from Camille Paglia:
…[I]f Trump wins it will be an amazing moment of change because it would destroy the power structure of the Republican party, the power structure of the Democratic party and destroy the power of the media.”
Why is Delamaide, arguably MarketWatch’s most voluble leftist, endorsing Trumps’s anti MSM line? Possibly, as an apparent Sanders supporter, he resents the Clinton as distinct from the Democratic bias displayed and documented. Or maybe he is feeling competitive with the MSM Goliaths MarketWatch has to face.

Either way, a valuable piece.

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