Cheap Labor Lobby Housemaid Ellmers (NC-2) Calls In Amnesty Activists: Ingraham Ripostes
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R Ellmers

Treason Lobby trough partaker Congresscritter Ellmers

After Renee Ellmers' disastrous collapse into pro-Amnesty petulance last week which I discussed in Laura Ingraham Cuts Up Cheap Labor Lobby Housemaid Renee Ellmers (NC-2) hard core Treason Lobby outfit ImmigrationWorksUSA rushed to her defense
We need your help,” ImmigrationWorksUSA wrote to its email subscribers. “Rep. Renee Ellmers has been an outspoken advocate for immigration reform, and now she is being attacked by the right for her courageous stance.."

In the email, the advocacy group wrote that “Rep. Ellmers’ office has asked for our help.”

Ellmers Calls In Pro-Amnesty Group For Rescue After On-Air Meltdown by Matthew Boyle 13 Mar 2014

This demonstrates an astonishing tin ear. This operation is headed by Tamar Jacoby about whom the late Larry Auster accurately said

Tamar Jacoby, whom I used to think of as a bird-brain for open borders, has evolved into a stone-cold, Soviet-style liar for open borders…Jacoby and her open-borders allies are leftists. Leftists are driven by spiritual greed -the greed to transform and control society. They hate the society that actually and historically exists and they lust for the day when it will have become something unrecognizable from what it now is and once was.
Their email clearly counts on the terms “Right” and Conservative” to enrage. As I noted in Renee Ellmers (NC 2) Outed As Cheap Labor Lobby Servant the fact that Ellmers was willing to keynote an Amnesty cheerleading session organized by this crowd is itself proof she has no interest in maintaining patriotic credentials.

She is doing a Kelly Ayotte – who pretended to be a Patriot to win her Primary and then promptly followed the money.

I see Ellmers was rewarded this week by Establishment webzine The Hill with an exposure-boosting opportunity to proclaim her Feminist loyalties: A national museum for women's history Mar 13 2014

However it looks like Renee Ellmers is too slow on the draw intellectually to survive at the national level – like Marco Rubio and Rick Perry. As the excellent Matthew Boyle piece notes in her Ingraham debacle she crumbled into silly abuse and a laughable claim:

Under fire on amnesty from calm but insistent questioning from Ingraham, Ellmers called her host “small minded,” “ignorant,” and claimed to be the author of a ubiquitous immigration talking point
(“Coming in from the shadows”) She followed this up on Twitter with a flat misrepresentation of what Ingraham said
In one Tweet, she mischaracterized something Ingraham said on the show. “I disagree w/ Laura Ingraham that farmers in #NC02 are lazy,” Ellmers Tweeted.
Laura Ingraham however is eminently capable of defending herself:
In response to ImmigrationWorksUSA including her personal cell phone number in their email blast, Ingraham's producer, Julia Hahn, told Breitbart News she has changed her voicemail to redirect those who have a problem with the rule of law or the Constitution to call Ellmers' D.C. office.

"You have reached the producer’s office of The Laura Ingraham Show. We believe in the U.S. Constitution, national sovereignty, and the rule of law. If you have a problem with any of that, please call (202) 225-4531," the voicemail says, referring to the phone number for Ellmers' Washington, D.C., congressional office.

On Friday Ingraham interviewed Ellmers’ Primary opponent: Frank Roche: Rep. Ellmers is "not the voice of Republicans, let alone conservatives" - March 14, 2014 (audio: Roche starts after a blistering Ingraham summary at the 3 minute mark. In the “Freebies” section of her website ) applauds Laura Ingraham. No wonder she has been excluded from the DC and New York markets! Subscribe to her Podcasts here.

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