More on That Texas Middle School Which Fired A Principal For Requiring English In The Classroom
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My previous blog post was Texas Middle School Principal Loses Job Over Language Issue—Part Of A Much Larger Problem about the principal of the Texas Middle School who lost her job over a language issue, reportedly for announcing over the intercom that the speaking of Spanish was prohibited on the school campus.

According to another article on the topic, Principal Amy Lacey only prohibited the speaking of Spanish in class.

And, if you consult the comments section of this article, it appears that there was more going on. According to
"pepjrp", "It was only banned in classes as that was where the 4 girls reportedly disrupted classes by talking about other kids in Spanish during class and also called a teacher names in Spanish. This was confirmed by other Spanish speaking students. That is what started all of this. "

This seems very believable, as a Spanish-speaking student determined to disrupt class for an English-speaking teacher could do this very easily.

Note too, the webpage of the school superintendent, Delma Flores-Smith, with a column in English and a column in (atrociously written) Spanish.

The parents who went berserk over this issue provide quite a contrast with all those stories of the Ellis Island era about parents who pushed their children to speak English.

What happened in Hempstead is a harbinger of much more of this sort of thing, if we continue down this disastrous path our country is on.

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