Mark Steyn Versus The Internationally Recognized Credential Of Humanrightification
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Mark Steyn writes

Speaking of which, how about this bit of obscure triumphalism? Chris McNally of Yellowknife points out this curious opening in a recent CHRC speech to the disgusting UN "Human Rights" Council:

Thank you, Mr. President.

I speak on behalf of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, a National Human Rights Institution accredited with A status.

"A status"? Is that good or bad? And on what scale?  What "status" does Saudi Arabia have or North Korea? Or are they out of letters by then? And is this an internationally recognized  credential of humanrightification or  just something you can download off the Internet for $19.99?

I looked it up—it's something you get from the UN Human Rights Council and if you don't get a nice certificate like you get from the Universal Life Church, (Basic Ministry Package—$39.99!)you do get a "UNOG identity badge" which will let you into the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

But you can't get it unless you agree to something very boring called the Paris Principles which embody a kind of independence similar to what we in Western Civilization think of as "judicial independence."

The problem with this is that said possessors of the The Internationally Recognized Credential Of Humanrightification are supposed to be independent of their own countries, or if sufficiently globalist, of any country at all.

That means that they don't support any pesky local rights like freedom of speech, or the right to keep and bear arms, they support internationally recognized norms. And those are pretty scary, if you live in a country that's already free.

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