“Managed Democracy”—Faith Goldy’s Heroic Mayoral Run, The MSM, And Steve King
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“This is the beginning” said Faith Goldy last night after the end of her inspiring run for mayoralty of Toronto, Canada. Goldy finished in third place despite being locked out of the mayoral debates, having media conglomerates refuse to run her advertising, and generally being the subject of an unprecedented smear campaign. [Faith Goldy Finished Third In The Toronto Mayoral Election And Says This Is Just The Beginning, by Alissa Heidman, Narcity, October 23, 2018] Predictably, Main Stream Media outlets have reacted with clickbait articles featuring showy declarations of shock and horror that Goldy did so well, with some people on Twitter even calling for her to be imprisoned. [Toronto reacts to controversial mayoral candidate Faith Goldy coming in third, Daily Hive, October 22, 2018] If what happened to Goldy had happened in Russia, reporters would scoff at calling such elections “free and fair.” Unfortunately, her suppression by massive Establishment opposition is likely the future of patriotic election campaigns in the West.

Goldy was not even allowed to buy political advertising with a major media company. [Major Canadian media company refuses to run Toronto mayoral candidate’s campaign ads, by James Risdon, LifeSiteNews, October 1, 2018] Despite polls showing she was easily in third place, Goldy was not allowed to participate during the mayoral debates last month, leading to a memorable scene when she walked on stage and was manhandled by police during the first one. [Faith Goldy storms the stage at Toronto mayoral debate, gets escorted off by police, Global News, September 24, 2018]

John Tory, the “center-right” candidate who cruised to re-election, said he would not debate any candidate “with a history of hate speech,” as The Globe and Mail phrased it. [Toronto election 2018: Tory handily wins second term as mayor, by Jeff Gray and Oliver Moore, October 23, 2018] Needless to say, he presumably had no problem engaging in debate with Leftist fringe candidates Saron Gebresellassi and Sarah Climenhaga. [Saron Gebresellassi, Sarah Climenhaga challenge appearance of two-person mayoral race, by Ilya Banares, The Varsity, October 22, 2018] (Which of course still didn’t stop Tory from being accused of failing to recognize his “white privilege” in a letter to the editor published by Canada’s National Observer.) [John Tory, Faith Goldy and white privilege in Toronto, by Alykhan Pabani, October 17, 2018]

Gebresellassi, whom the University of Toronto’s student newspaper reported was trying to become the “first racialized female mayor of Toronto,” argued her election would overcome Toronto’s heritage of political leadership by “a lineage of men who are Anglo-Saxon and come from a more privileged background.” One of her volunteers, a Rebeca Ramirez, wrote proudly of confronting the “mostly white” audiences of other candidates and asking “what they planned to do about white supremacy in the city”. [Toronto Election 2018: Saron Gebresellassi’s run for mayor inspires a new generation of immigrants, NOW, October 22, 2018]

The Respectable Right would never dream of restricting the freedom of speech of these Leftists who can barely contain their hatred of the Euro-Canadian majority. But The Respectable Right is eager to target not only Goldy, but anyone who spoke in her defense.  

One such hero: patriotic U.S. Congressman Steve King, which led to The Daily Beast attacking him: Rep. Steve King Endorses Neo-Nazi Sympathizer Faith Goldy. GOP Says Nothing. By Pilar Melendez, October 17, 2018]. In typical paranoid scholarship style, it also recycled a 2012 complaint that King appeared on the same CPAC platform as VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow. [Blue Wave or Red Wall, Far-Right Candidates May Be the Real Winners of 2018, by Kelly Weill, October 22, 2018]

This is Standard Operating Procedure for the Daily Beast, which exists largely to tone-police American conservatives and excuse Leftist extremism.

Yet it was depressing (though not surprising) to see Conservatism Inc, mouthpiece Weekly Standard also use Goldy as a club to attack Steve King, unironically, as “America’s most deplorable Congressman.” “King and Goldy are both animated by the same brand of race-based identity politics that consumes the alt-right,” whined Adam Rubenstein. [Steve King: America’s Most Deplorable Congressman, October 17, 2018]

Of course, both King and Goldy are simply pushing back against the anti-white animus which now defines the Left and, increasingly, the MSM. But, significantly, Rubenstein’s cuck earned him and the Weekly Standard a pat on the head from the Washington Post. So that’s OK then, isn’t it? [Rep. Steve King’s endorsement of white nationalist mayoral candidate in Canada draws rebuke from conservative news outlet, by Felicia Sonmez, October 18, 2018]

Perhaps the only outlet which gave Goldy anything close to objective coverage: RT, though even this publication managed to label her a “white supremacist” in the headline. [White supremacist or rising threat to the establishment? Meet ‘Toronto’s next mayor’ Faith Goldy, October 22, 2018]

Still, RT provided one of the best breakdowns of the deplatforming campaign against Goldy:

In every avenue of her activity, obstacles have been created not just to delegitimize Goldy, but to make her campaign difficult, if not impossible.

Patreon, a major source of income for non-mainstream public actors, shut her out in May, while PayPal closed her account in July. Campaigners have attempted to no-platform her to deny her access to speaking venues, and organizers barred her from mayoral debates, claiming she did not fill out a form, something Goldy, who gatecrashed the debate anyway, denies.

Bell and Rogers, the two large media conglomerates dominating the landscape, have both accepted money to run her adverts, and then refused to run them, defending this as a business decision. Goldy has taken Bell to court, saying this was a violation of broadcasting laws that stipulate that companies that broadcast ads from one candidate must accept them from another. Having spent a self-reported $50,000 on a case in court, she had it dismissed by a judge who redirected her to a regulator. By the time any decision is announced, it will be moot.

Not surprisingly, PressProgress, a project of Canada’s Leftist Broadbent Institute, shrieked that this report was “Russian propaganda”—“[T]he propagandists are eager to plant the false idea that her inevitable loss is the result of being blacklisted and ‘ground into obscure irrelevance’ by Canada’s ‘establishment’”. [Russian propaganda networks are promoting white nationalist Faith Goldy’s run for Toronto mayor, October 22, 2018]

The irony, of course: both the Canadian and American systems are transitioning to what political scientists call “managed democracy.”

As in Russia, one can create oppositional political parties, run for office, and possess abstract rights of freedom of the speech or of the press. But one only possesses these rights in a limited sense. As in Russia and other authoritarian systems, opponents of the Establishment also encounter obstacles that has just System-approved politicians and activists do not, as Faith Goldy learned.

As in other authoritarian regimes, a hyped foreign threat is used to prop up the legitimacy of existing institutions. In this case, Russia’s attacks on “our democracy” are used to dismiss critiques of the Establishment as unpatriotic or even treasonous. [It’s depressingly clear that Trump is unwilling to get tough on Russia, Los Angeles Times, July 16, 2018]

Meanwhile, however, the same media outlets that claim to be concerned about foreign interference are openly shilling for mass immigration, even though each foreigner that occupies our territory effectively disenfranchises one American or Canadian citizen. [A migrant caravan heads for the border just in time for Trump to exploit it for the midterms, Los Angeles Times, October 19, 2018]

Under these circumstances, Goldy’s performance wasn’t just brave: it was remarkable. Her support is likely far larger than what her vote total showed. And we can only expect that it will grow in the future.

Canada and America are drifting into Cultural Marxist totalitarianism. But the radical Left and its JournoFa fellow travelers will never win as long as patriots like Goldy continue to resist them.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.



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