Lydia Brimelow Back On The Coffee And A Mike Podcast
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Lydia Brimelow was on the Coffee and a Mike Podcast again. The link below goes to Spotify, but it’s also on Libsyn, Apple Podcasts, etc.

On the last Coffee and A Mike Podcast Lydia said “One of the things we talk about [at VDARE] is this idea that diversity is strength, which could not be less true. Diversity is weakness.”

That obvious truth was attacked by the SPLC, was asked about by SPLC enforcer Michael Edison Hayden in emails to, and quoted in the Washington Post in an attack on us.

If you want to find out if she said something equally shocking this time, click below:

Lydia Brimelow #551 - Coffee and a Mike | Podcast on Spotify

Episode Description

Lydia Brimelow is the Publisher of and President of the VDARE Foundation where she develops strategies for the survival and success of the Immigration Patriot movement in the face of increasing limitations on freedom of speech, and freedom of association as well as politically repressive denial of critical business and communications services.


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