Luis Gutierrez Admits Legal Amnesty Hopeless, Eggs On Obama To Even More Impeachable Actions—Will GOP Respond?
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H/T One Old Vet. Don't laugh - think California

 Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D. Illinois—loyalty ""only the immigrant community"") has made a speech on the House floor admitting that there is no chance of passing a legal amnesty, because there are not enough representatives of the American people who agree with him on giving legal status to an estimated zillion Hispanics. [Rep. Luis Gutierrez: Immigration reform in the House ‘is over’,By David Nakamura, The Washington Post, June 25,2014] He seems to think that this is the GOP's fault. In fact, the headline of a Huffington Post piece on his speech is Luis Gutierrez: House GOP's Time Is Up On Immigration, By Elise Foley, June 25,2014.

Excuse me, shouldn't it be "Illegal Aliens' Time Is Up On Immigration"? Anyhow, I can assure Representative Gutierrez that many Republicans would be happy to surrender on this issue, except that their constituents, being patriotic Americans,  wouldn't reelect them.

See what happened to Eric Cantor. (Patriotic American voters are not a problem for Rep. Gutierrez, who represents the gerrymandered 4th District of Illinois, 71 percent Hispanic, about evenly divided between Puerto Ricans and Mexicans.)

Anyhow, having given up on doing amnesty legally,  Gutierrez wants President Obama to do it illegally, through Executive Action, saying "The president has no other choice but to act on existing laws to make deportation policies more humane."

I. E. a total Administrative Amnesty.  This would be a violation of Obama's Oath of Office and an impeachable offense, but I'm sure Obama is cool with it. He has been so far, with DACA and the Border Surge. See Obama’s Administrative Amnesty: A Treason Time Line, by Patrick Cleburne. (Who provided the picture above in Rep Luis Gutierrez—MSM Darling, Deadly Enemy Of America.)

But the real question is this—if Obama is cool with betraying his Oath of Office, are the Republicans going to let him? It's Congress's Constitutional duty to impeach and remove a corrupt President. Will Boehner have anything like the nerve to do it?

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