List Of Obama Administrative Amnesty Actions Long And Getting Longer
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Tom Shuford's letter tonight  mentions an itemized list of Obama's deliberate refusal to enforce the immigration laws, and his administration's attacks on State government that want to enforce the law. You can see the whole thing here: Sessions Updates Catalogue Of Obama Administration Immigration Non-Enforcement, Breitbart, May 16, 2014.” Or you can  see it in PDF, from Session’s office. It's 17 pages, though, so I thought I'd just pull out the headlines so you could take a quick look...and it's still almost 850 words, and about 79 items.

That's not the fault of anyone writing the document, it's the fault of Obama and his underlings, who are engaged in misfeasance, malfeasance, and non-feasance on an unprecedented scale. When I asked in Luis Gutierrez Admits Legal Amnesty Hopeless, Eggs On Obama To Even More Impeachable Actions–Will GOP Respond? if Boehner and Co would respond to a total halt to immigration law enforcement with impeachment, you have to wonder why they haven't already.


Timeline: How The Obama Administration Bypassed Congress To Dismantle Immigration Enforcement

January 2009: Obama Administration Ends Worksite Enforcement Actions

January 29, 2009: Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano Delays E-Verify Deadline

April 16, 2009: Secretary Napolitano Delays E-Verify Deadline a Second Time

June 3, 2009: Secretary Napolitano Delays E-Verify Deadline a Third Time

March 8, 2010: ICE Inflates Deportation Statistics

March 16, 2010: DHS Announces Termination of Funding for Virtual Fence Along the Southwestern Border

May 19, 2010: ICE Director John Morton Announces Termination of Cooperation with Arizona Law Enforcement

May 27, 2010: Internal ICE Emails Reveal Relaxed Security and New Benefits for Detained Illegal Immigrants

June 18, 2010: Obama Administration Sues Arizona over Immigration Enforcement Law

June 25, 2010: ICE Union Casts Unanimous Vote of “No Confidence” in Agency Leadership

July 14, 2010: Obama Administration Ignores Dangerous Sanctuary City Policies

July 30, 2010: Leaked U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Memo Reveals Obama Backdoor Amnesty Plan

August 2010: ICE Memo Stops Agents from Detaining Illegal Immigrants at Traffic Stops

August 24, 2010: Reports Surface that DHS Is Closing Deportation Cases

September 8, 2010: Obama Administration Files Supreme Court Brief Supporting Lawsuit Challenging Arizona’s E-Verify Law

September 16, 2010: Leaked DHS Memo Reveals Obama’s Long-Term Plan To Circumvent Congress and Grant “Broad Based” Amnesty

October 17, 2010: DHS Dismissals of Deportation Cases Up 700 Percent

December 2010: Internal ICE Emails Reveal Padded Deportation Statistics

February 15, 2011: DHS Ignores Mandate To Maintain Operational Control of the Border

March 2, 2011: Morton Administrative Amnesty Memo #1

March 30, 2011: 9/11 Commission Chair Warns Administration’s Delays of Biometric Exit and REAL ID Risk National Security

May 10, 2011: Obama Declares the Border Secure and the Fence “Basically Complete”

June 1, 2011: Obama Administration Ignores New York’s Refusal to Cooperate with Federal Immigration Agents

June 17, 2011: Morton Administrative Amnesty Memo #2

June 17, 2011: Morton Administrative Amnesty Memo #3

June 23, 2011: ICE Union Outraged Over Morton Administrative Amnesty Memos

June 27, 2011: DHS Cover-Up of Backdoor Amnesty Policy Revealed

August 1, 2011: Obama Administration Sues Alabama over Immigration Enforcement Law

August 18, 2011: Administration Begins Case-by-Case Review of Deportation Cases for Purposes of Granting Administrative Amnesty

September 2, 2011: Treasury Inspector General Reports Government Paying Billions in Tax Credits to Illegal Immigrants

September 7, 2011: Cook County (Chicago), Illinois Board of Commissioners Votes To Ignore Federal Immigration Law

September 28, 2011: Obama Admits Deportation Statistics Are “Deceptive”

October 18, 2011: Obama Administration Ignores Santa Clara County’s Defiance of Federal Immigration Law

October 18, 2011: ICE Continues To Pad Deportation Statistics

October 19, 2011: Obama Administration Ignores Washington, D.C.’s Defiance of Federal Immigration Law

October 28, 2011: Administration Stops Routine Border Searches

October 31, 2011: Obama Administration Sues South Carolina over Immigration Enforcement Law

November 7, 2011: USCIS Stops Issuing “Notices to Appear” in Immigration Court for Non-Priority Deportation Cases

November 17, 2011: ICE Announces Review of Entire Immigration Court Docket in an Effort To Close More Deportation Cases

November 22, 2011: Obama Administration Sues Utah over Immigration Enforcement Law

November 22, 2011: Obama Administration Ignores New York City’s Defiance of Federal Immigration Law

December 11, 2011: Reports Surface That Obama Will Reduce National Guard at the Border

December 15, 2011: DHS Rescinds Maricopa County, Arizona’s 287(g) Agreement

December 29, 2011: ICE Creates 24-Hotline for Illegal Immigrant Detainees

January 5, 2012: DHS Stops Secure Communities in Alabama in Retaliation for State Immigration Enforcement Law

January 6, 2012: USCIS Announces Proposal To Permit an Entire Segment of Illegal Immigrant Population To Remain in the U.S

January 9, 2012: Inspector General Reveals Rubberstamping of Immigration Applications

January 16, 2012: ICE Prosecutors Suspend Deportation Proceedings

January 19, 2012: Obama Uses Executive Order to Eliminate Statutory Interview Requirement for Certain Countries

February 7, 2012: New ICE Public Advocate for Illegal Immigrants

February 13, 2012: Obama Budget Slashes 287(g) Program

April 25, 2012: ICE Voluntarily Dismisses Over 16,500 Deportation Cases

April 25, 2012: DHS Announces Another Delay of Biometric Exit System

April 27, 2012: Obama Administration Undermines Successful Secure Communities Program

June 5, 2012: ICE Deportation Dismissals Up To 20,000

June 12, 2012: Obama Administration Sues Florida for Effort to Remove Ineligible Voters

June 15, 2012: Obama Bypasses Congress and Unilaterally Implements the DREAM Act

June 25, 2012: Obama Administration Rescinds Arizona’s 287(g) Agreements in Retaliation for Supreme Court Upholding State Immigration Enforcement Law

July 6, 2012: Obama Administration Announces Closure of Nine Border Patrol Stations

August 6, 2012: Administration Admits It Does Not Enforce Public Charge Law

September 12, 2012: Administration Admits Aggressive Campaign To Recruit Immigrants To Sign Up for U.S. Welfare Program

October 4, 2012: Obama Administration Ignores Los Angeles County’s Defiance of Federal Immigration Laws

December 21, 2012: Morton Administrative Amnesty Memo #4

January 22, 2013: Obama Administration Files Brief in Support of Challenge to Arizona Law Requiring Proof of Citizenship to Vote

February 14, 2013: Administration Announces It Approved Nearly 200,000 DACA Applications

February 26, 2013: DHS Says It Has No Metrics for Determining Whether the Border Is Secure

February 2013: Obama Administration Uses Sequester as Excuse To Release More Than 2,000 Illegal Immigrants from ICE Custody

April 10, 2013: Border Patrol Chief Testified Before Congress that Apprehensions Have Increased

April 23, 2013: Federal Court Holds DHS Does Not Have Discretion To Stop Deportations

August 23, 2013: Obama Administration Adds Broad New Category of Illegal Immigrants Eligible for Backdoor Amnesty

October 5, 2013: Obama Administration Ignores California’s Defiance of Federal Immigration Law

November 15, 2013: Obama Administration Announces More Administrative Amnesty

November 30, 2013: Administration Has Approved Over 500,000 DACA Applications

December 13, 2013: Federal Court Rebukes DHS for Aiding Smugglers in Violating U.S. Laws

March 13, 2014: Obama Announces Review of DHS Enforcement Practices

March 31, 2014: DHS DOC Reveals Mass Release of Criminal Aliens

March 5, 2014: Administration unilaterally acts to provide work permits to spouses of H-1B guest workers, increasing the supply of guest workers by almost 100,000 plus an additional 30,000 each following year.

May 12, 2014: DHS DOC Reveals Thousands Of Criminal Offenders Were Freed in 2013

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