Looks Like GOP House Treason Lobby Minions Plotting Lame Duck Amnesty Coup
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H/T One Old Vet

H/T One Old Vet for posting Oregon RINO, Greg Walden, Promises Amnesty in 2014 which links to the less effectively-headlined Immigration Reform Will Happen ‘Later Next Year,’ Walden Says by Emma Dumain and Emily Cahn Roll Call  Nov 15 2013

An immigration overhaul in the House isn’t dead, but it won’t happen this year, the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee said Friday.

Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., said the House would likely pass legislation to fix the nation’s broken immigration system by the end of next year. He made the comments at a Friday breakfast briefing with reporters that was sponsored by The Christian Science Monitor.

Although Walden tried to imply fear of primaries was not a factor in timing in effect he conceded next year’s election is freezing prospects for now as GOP Congresscritters avoid provoking them:

“People know their districts pretty well and what they can and cannot support going into it...” Walden said. “And you’re going to have primaries all the way to August.”

So the reference to ‘by the end of next year’ most likely means the Lame Duck session as Steve Sailer’s correspondent surmised.

Tellingly Walden according his Wikipedia entry is a protégé of Speaker Boehner. In November 2012 he started as Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, which was heavily bribed by Sheldon Adelson earlier this year. He is also still apparently a member of the (formerly Republican) Main Street Partnership the evolution of which under the despicable former Congressman Steve LaTourette I discussed in Business Opportunity In DC: Suppressing GOP Grass Roots.

As One Old Vet recently observed

Remain vigilant Patriots for “The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance”.

The GOP House Leadership is in the pocket of the Treason Lobby and Greg Walden has to be watched very closely.

Getting Congresscritter pledges about the Lame Duck session looks like a good idea.
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