Long Term Plan For An Immigration Court Amnesty Shown In Plans For Illegal Housing Center
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It appears that the Obama Regime has settled on a strategy to defeat the historic American nation in the ongoing border crisis that the Regime created.  The plan appears to be to allow the kritarchs in the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) administer an amnesty for the wave of unaccompanied minors and family groups with minors.  The evidence, the Regime is building long-term housing for illegal alien family groups instead of using expedited removal to quickly remove the illegal alien adults and their accompanying minor children.

Massive 'Residential Center' To Open In Texas For Illegal Immigrants

by Kristen Tate, Breitbart, September 24, 2014

HOUSTON, Texas — A large new immigrant housing center will be opened in South Texas. The South Texas Family Residential Center will ultimately hold 2,400 individuals, primarily families, who were apprehended while crossing the Texas- Mexico border. During their stay at the center foreigners will be provided with taxpayer-funded "medical care, play rooms, social workers, educational services, and access to legal counsel," Breitbart Texas has learned.

The facility will open in November in Dilley, Texas, which is located about 70 miles southwest of San Antonio. This is the fourth facility of its kind to be built in Texas, according to Fox News.

And the proof of a long-term plan for displacement of the American people, this latest facility will not be ready for almost a year.
An ICE spokeswoman refused to give Breitbart Texas answers to specific questions and instead provided a statement that said the agency"plans to open and operate a new residential center in Dilley, Texas to house adults with children in response to the influx of adults traveling with children apprehended along the southwest border. "

The massive facility, which will lie on a 50-acre property, will be "ready for full capacity within 210 days," the agency's statement continued.

That is long-term planning for both an ongoing problem with obviously no attempt at a solution, such as a border fence and ignoring the easy solution in immigration law, expedited removal, which enables the Department of Homeland Security to immediately deport adults and accompanying minors back to Mexico, from whence the illegal aliens crossed the border.

Given the failure of the Regime to discipline Immigration Judges who openly tout their sympathy for illegal aliens, such as that expressed by Dana Leigh Marks, John Bryant who deferred deportation hearings for illegal aliens for 4 years, or Michael Baird who coddles illegal aliens who fail to appear for their deportation hearings,  the planning for more and longer staying illegal aliens is clear.

The Obama Regime was burned by the blow-back from the border crisis, and has wisely determined that their solution will be an amnesty shrouded with delay and hidden from the American people in the obscure courtrooms of left-wing bureaucrats.


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