London Bridge Outrage Brings Out Hatred—Against President Trump
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I was going to put this as the image above:

I decided to go with the Drudge Report instead. [Archive Link]

There's been a terror attack on London Bridge—similar to the attack on Westminster Bridge in March—if you take John Derbyshire's Absimilation On Westminster Bridge: The Japanese Were Right. The British Were Wrong, based on his podcast Radio Derb: Life In Derbistan (London As It Used To Be), Etc. you may have a better idea of what's going on than the MSM will tell you about what's happening now.

I went on Twitter, and found their was predictable outrage—not against Muslims, preachers of hate, Saudi sponsors of terror, or the Labour Party which opened the floodgates of non-white immigration for political reasons. It was outrage against the President of the United States, who had, as Patrick Cleburne pointed out, the correct response:

A reminder about Trump's "Muslim Ban" shot down by a variety of disloyal judges—it was the same ban Obama put on seven Muslim countries where terror is rife in 2011,  and then lifted after he was reelected—see my January post on it here, or this by Sean Davis:

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What I said was that I think Obama’s defenders feel that it’s the same as his “opposition” to gay marriage–he may have banned Muslim immigrants from ISIS-type countries in 2011, when he was facing reelection but he didn’t really mean it.

Trump, by contrast, really wants to protect America, and there’s a lot of opposition to that.

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