Lindsey Graham Takes A Brave Stand Against Richwineism
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Bloomberg reports:

Senate Judiciary Committee members overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to limit the flow of immigrants to the U.S. offered by a leading opponent of a broad revision of immigration law. 

By a vote of 1-17 today, the panel defeated the proposal by Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions, who said the broader plan by a bipartisan group of eight senators would prompt a wave of immigration that would harm American workers. 

The panel’s Republican members joined Democrats in opposing the proposal. Among them, Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican and co-author of the bill, said that from immigrants “who today have low skills, will come some of the brightest” individuals in the U.S. ...

After all, we all know such famous examples from the last half century such as ... well, Senator Graham's staff will get back to you with a long list real soon now.

If Senator Graham doesn't take a stand in favor of the potential of illegal aliens, then the "real criminals" like George Borjas and Christopher Jencks will have won.

Update: The NYT says:

Mr. Sessions also offered an amendment that would have restricted the future flow of legal immigrants, effectively limiting the number of immigrants and foreign workers to 33 million over a 10-year period and the total number of green cards to 1.2 million a year. 

The measure failed, 1 to 17, with only Mr. Sessions voting for his amendment.

Only 33,000,000 foreigners per decade? What kind of wacko extremism is Sen. Sessions trying to peddle? Why, after three decades that would total less than 100,000,000!?!? (Assuming none of the newcomers reproduce, of course.)

So, what exactly is the number The Eight Banditos intend to impose upon the American public? Apparently, it's more than 99,000,000 over the next 30 years, but what is it?


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