Lindsey Graham Dodging Constituents: Gang Of 8 Dodging America. Are They Flinching?
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Numbers USA has produced an informative story: Lindsey Graham doing everything possible to avoid constituents By Melanie Oubre Friday March 8, 2013

Since all of this immigration reform talk started, Lindsey Graham has not held a town hall in South Carolina to get his constituents' views on the issue. He has not done a survey through his Congressional website on immigration either.

The reason for this is obvious: Senator Graham already knows where his constituents stand on amnesty. They don't want it. And he doesn't care

(Because this is not about votes –it’s about money. Maybe eventually the gentle people at NumbersUSA will get annoyed enough to say this.)

The story has more useful information:

The Senate's Gang of 8, which also includes Senators John McCain and Marco Rubio, has not actually introduced a bill yet. They set a self-imposed deadline of March 21st to get a bill written and introduced..

On Tuesday, they changed the plan. The Associated Press reported that the group will not meet their deadline, and instead the American people should expect a bill after the recess in April.

Senator Graham is being very honest on why they did this. From the AP story:

"The legislation is certain to be controversial and may spark passionate opposition from lawmakers' constituents at town halls and elsewhere. Such opposition helped sink the last congressional attempt at overhauling immigration laws, in 2007. So even if it were finished in time, Graham said it wasn't a good idea to release the bill before a two-week recess. "You don't want to leave it hanging out for two weeks to get shot up," he said."

( emphasis)

As I noted on Friday, a good way to shoot up Senator Graham is by Twitter.

Patriots should take comfort however: the Treason Lobby has flinched.

They are afraid of America.

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