Libertarian Utopia Achieved: Drug Arrests Plummet Since 2018
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Drug arrests in 2021 have been running at a rate barely half of that seen in 2018, so all the good things predicted by libertarian economists have happened, right?

Well, drug overdose deaths hit 100,000, but crime is down right?

Some crimes are down, at least reported ones. Motor vehicle theft is usually well-reported for insurance reasons, and it’s way up since the racial reckoning riots began in late May 2020:

Do you ever wonder if encouraging masked men to roam the streets might be negating the beneficial effects of all those security cameras that are now everywhere?

And homicides, also reasonably well counted, are way up during the Second Black Lives Matter era:

This is from the quarterly report (PDF):

Pandemic, Social Unrest, and Crime in U.S. Cities
September 2021 Update
Curators’ Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Criminology and
Criminal Justice, University of Missouri – St. Louis
Research Specialist, Council on Criminal Justice

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