Left’s Outrage Over Biden’s Pick Of Treason Lobbyist Cecilia Munoz Show It’s Against ALL Border Enforcement—And Biden Will Cave
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Immigration boosters and ethnic lobbyists are outraged that Biden selected Cecilia Munoz, the former head of Barack Obama’s White House Domestic Policy Council and a long-time professional Treason Lobbyist, as a senior transition adviser this week [Biden pick creates furor, underscoring bitterness over Obama immigration policy, by Rafael Bernal, The Hill, September 9, 2020].

These Leftists claim Munoz helped the deportation of illegal immigrants and did little to advance immigrant interests. “If Biden wins, no one from the Obama administration should be allowed to touch the immigration policy portfolio,” Pablo Manríquez, a former Democratic National Committee spokesman, is quoted telling The Hill. “Cecilia Muñoz is the one person besides [Trump White House aide] Stephen Miller who has spent years of her public service dedicated to the smooth execution of mass deportation policy at the West Wing level.” (Links added)

Needless to say, Obama’s reputation as the “Deporter-in-Chief” is nonsense. His administration only deported 5 million non-citizens, significantly less than the 12 million and 10 million deported under the two previous administrations. His administration did have a slightly higher number of court-ordered removals than the two previous admins.

Obama’s deportations were a ruse to give cover to RINOs who wanted to back his Amnesty scheme. Deportations significantly declined after the Gang of Eight Amnesty failed in 2013 [Obama deported more people than Trump but context is everything, by Zachary B. Wolf, CNN, July 13, 2019].

The anger indicates how far to the Left the Democrats have moved on immigration (and how emotional they have become). In fact, of course, Barack Obama wanted to give Amnesty to all illegal aliens and tried to legalize many of them through Executive Orders. Yet his administration deporting some criminal aliens is too much for ethnic boosters to stomach.

Significantly, and ominously, Biden has tried to distance himself from Obama on immigration, saying the former president’s deportations were a “big mistake” and that he would be kinder to illegal aliens [Joe Biden fights skepticism with a simple immigration message: I’m not Trump or Obama, by Jenna Johnson, Washington Post, May 19, 2020].

But the Left’s anger at Munoz reveals its continuing and complete opposition to basic immigration enforcement. America should expect no deportations under a Biden administration.


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