Stephen Miller, The Bureaucrats Are Lying To You!
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Most of what is written on the immigration issue, especially immigration law enforcement, is simultaneously ill-informed, factually incorrect, and pretentious moral preening. Point-and-sputter moralizing is the default of all of the press, except those specialized publications on the right side of the issue such as, Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), etc., all else is the gutter lying press. The specialists in such trash are Vox and other click-bait websites and associated “non-profits” actively aiding illegal aliens and the displacement of the historic American people.

Although not new to point-and-sputter, Rolling Stone, which in my day was the publication for potheads, has moved on from drug legalization to illegal aliens. And their latest screed is a rather feeble attack on Stephen Miller. But unlike most point-and-sputter pieces with annoying stories of oppressed children and mothers, this piece was remarkably light on actual sympathetic victims of the great immigration Svengali.

While lacking a pretentious victim, it did do what the lying press has been trying to do since Watergate fake news brought down Richard Nixon. The piece read more like the continuous failings of the Mueller investigation and Ukrainegate—always a promise of the smoking gun that is never delivered. Here Andy Kroll promises networks of Nazis, but we get only Deep State Resistance and boring emails. Considering what Kroll read through, over 500 pages, it’s like Oakland: There’s “no there there.”  There was little smoke and no fire, at least for those trying to elect a new people, but some nuggets for those concerned about the Deep State sabotaging the Trump immigration enforcement plan.

First, the point-and-sputter, always somewhat entertaining, if not for the letdown as the story continues, always promising the nail in the coffin for Orange Man Bad, but their Deep Throat comes up dry.

This is what Miller’s white nationalist policy agenda looks like — from inside the government[.]

For nearly three years, Stephen Miller has used his White House seat to orchestrate the most extreme anti-immigrant agenda in almost a century. But he hasn’t done it alone.

A loose network of lawyers and advisers embedded throughout the Trump administration has worked closely with Miller to carry out the daily effort of pushing through draconian and often inhumane policies like separating migrant families at the border, detaining young migrants in cagelike facilities, and drastically reducing the number of immigrants allowed entry into the country. In other words, Miller, with his white nationalist mindset and fervor to enact xenophobic policies, is far from an isolated actor. He’s the leader of a broad operation spread across the federal government.

Newly released emails provided to Rolling Stone offer a glimpse of the working relationship between Miller and one of his internal allies and fellow ideologues: a senior adviser at Immigration and Customs Enforcement named Jon Feere. Feere has been a fixture in Miller’s immigration working group where new ideas for cracking down on immigration get conceived. Reading the emails, Feere comes across like Miller’s point man inside ICE, enjoying unfettered access to arguably the most influential aide in the Trump White House, working long hours to advance the administration’s extreme and often inhumane immigration policy.

[Internal Emails Reveal How Stephen Miller Leads an Extremist Network to Push Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Agenda, by Andy Kroll, Rolling Stone, December 11, 2019]

Sounds dangerous, correct? White Nationalist moles in the government? Check. Conspiracy between White Nationalists to affect policy? Check. Xenophobia? Check. But what do you get? Mostly boring emails about scheduling meetings. Note the first email in their cache of White Nationalist plotting; a meeting with the most useless bureaucracy in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

The CRCL exists to breathlessly forward complaints of illegal aliens about fictitious abuse that is routinely investigated by the DHS Office of Inspector General (DHS OIG) which then finds that the allegation was false; alleged alien does not exist, the event did not happen, or what was abuse, was just a routine arrest.

But let’s examine the alleged smoking gun of White Nationalist terrorism deep in the heart of DHS, an email with “bullet points” about proposed enforcement action.

One of the most striking emails is a December 22th, 2017, message that Feere sent to Miller and three other administration staffers. It’s a 10-point bulleted memo in which he updates Miller on a slew of different actions underway that he and his colleagues had worked on in the preceding week. The memo is notable because it appears to show how much latitude Feere has at ICE to not only brief the White House but drive forward the administration’s immigration agenda.

Feere says he led a meeting about crafting a new agreement between ICE and the Department of Labor on worksite immigration enforcement actions that would be “more favorable to ICE’s mission” of tracking down and deporting undocumented residents. He describes helping plan an upcoming ICE raid in the Bay Area, and tasking a field office to investigate a New York-based Pakistani American accused of supporting ISIS with bitcoin. He says he stopped an administration response to Amnesty International report on immigration enforcement; located ICE officers and operations “worth highlighting in speeches” for White House speechwriters; and assisted a Fox News contributor and “friendly NGO” on messaging after a draft proposal about separating migrant families had leaked to the media.

And here is where we get “major fail” as the kids say, by the lying press. A closer examination of the email chain and the bureaucracies mentioned therein show just the opposite of a systematic program of immigration enforcement—one of sabotage, resistance, and maneuvering against the President and his policies. It even appears that Miller does not know he is being played by saboteurs in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division (DOL WHD).

But some background is in order. ICE enforces immigration law, WHD enforces workplace pay issues, like overtime and minimum wage. WHD has both written policy and an agreement with ICE, which is an illegal policy of ignoring immigration law violations in their workplace enforcement efforts. [Revised Memorandum of Understanding between the Departments of Homeland Security and labor Concerning Enforcement Activities at Worksites] Illegal in that they violate their oath of office and actively conspire with both employers and illegal aliens to allow illegal aliens to be illegally paid money for illegal work. They do not inform ICE of such law violations. Furthermore, the agreement between ICE and DOL also states that ICE will not take action when illegal aliens are involved in strikes against employers, despite being illegally employed. WHD says that its policy is that illegals should not be exploited and should be paid their due wages and overtime. Never mind that any money paid to an illegal alien for work is contraband and can and should be seized as the fruits of a crime.

Now, back to the infamous White Nationalist bullet points email, found here. The smoking gun is a modified Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between DHS and DOL on deconfliction of work-site enforcement. Note that is not the same as joint investigation, or assistance to an ICE investigation, or support for an ICE investigation, or information found to initiate an ICE investigation. It is deconfliction, which means in law enforcement that two different agencies don’t accidentally interfere with each other’s investigations. An example would be that a local police department is investigating a drug dealer. The local Sheriff’s Office is also investigating that drug dealer, who does his criminal activity in the different jurisdictions of the city and the county.  So, the two agencies share information routinely about investigations and subjects so as to not duplicate effort or accidentally interfere with another investigation.

Now, it appears that both ICE and WHD are deceiving Miller into thinking that the two agencies are working together to identify and arrest illegal aliens, but that is not what is happening. DOL thinks that they are the nice guys, not harassing illegal aliens, but helping them steal jobs from Americans and receive paychecks for illegally working. Now ICE, or more exactly, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), aka ICE SVU, the sub-component of ICE that is supposed to do work-site immigration enforcement, is actively opposed to immigration enforcement, of which I warned President Trump before his election [President Trump Will Have Foes In Immigration Bureaucracy—But Also Friends. They Can Help Him Win,, April 25, 2016] and whom I have exposed as actively sabotaging President Trump’s immigration enforcement strategy. [ICE SVU Insubordinate Leadership Attacks Trump,, June 29, 2018] Miller has been convinced by the Dirty 19 at ICE SVU that some minor changes agreed to by saboteurs in an MOU designed explicitly to protect illegal aliens will somehow improve work-site enforcement by ICE SVU, who don’t want to do any immigration related enforcement in the first place.

Instead of relying on bureaucrats to negotiate a pointless agreement on deconfliction, Miller should instead have the President order them to take the appropriate action to coordinate enforcement, allowing the synergy of two agencies to increase enforcement both in the amount of enforcement actions and the effectiveness of enforcement actions. He should also have the President order DOL WHD, to instead of taking action to order employers to pay wages owed to illegal aliens, to seize the monies owed to illegal aliens for wage and hour violations as contraband.

But worse than the collusion between Deep State saboteurs at DOL and ICE SVU to protect illegal aliens, are the lies that ICE SVU is telling to Miller. One of the gems missed by Knoll, because he has a pro-illegal alien position, is that ICE SVU lied to Miller about the raids that were scheduled in January 2018 that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaafv warned illegal aliens about.

Feere wrote

I ensured that our S.F. op for the end of January is not limited to only ERO efforts, but also includes HSl’s workplace equities. I spoke with one of our top ERO officials managing the op and he’s pulling in employees from multiple Areas of Responsibility (e.g., Los Angeles, San Diego).

Well, that’s a lie—not by Feere himself, but by Deep State bureaucrats, who told Miller that HSI (ICE SVU) would be participating in that operation. That is not true. HSI did not participate in that operation. In fact, HSI was purposely excluded from the operation because they as a policy refuse to cooperate with the other ICE component, Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), which managed the Oakland operation, and were considered to be likely to leak the operation.

I warned that there would be opponents to President Trump’s immigration enforcement priorities, and time has proven your correspondent correct. The Deep State is even lying about what they are doing to the top adviser to the President. Time for a purge of the Deep State. The swamp hasn’t been drained yet. Stephen Miller needs to be told that.


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