Evgenia Peretz' VANITY FAIR Blood Libel Against Peter Brimelow (And Stephen Miller)
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Another flattering report that my 2007 debate at Duke University got Trump immigration consigliere Stephen Miller focused on immigration:

In his senior year, he organized an immigration debate with Richard Spencer, a Duke graduate student at the time, who’d go on to found the alt-right movement and become America’s most prominent white supremacist. One of the speakers was white nationalist Peter Brimelow, author of Alien Nation and founder of the website VDare, named after Virginia Dare, the first child born to British settlers. The texts and arguments that Brimelow offered about the supremacy of the white race sharpened Miller’s focus. This, he realized, was his calling.
Keeping Up With The Millers: Stephen Miller And His Wife, Katie, Found Love In A Hateful Place, by Evgenia Peretz, Vanity Fair, August 13, 2020. Emphasis added.

(All this and Ann Coulter too! Do I get a prize?)

I'm fairly sure that Richard Spencer doesn't regard himself as a "white supremacist" and I've repeatedly said I'm a not a white nationalist but a civic nationalist i.e., I am looking forward to voting for Michelle Malkin when she runs for president on an immigration moratorium platform.

But these Devil Terms are just standard Main Stream Media lies designed to tighten an increasingly desperate grip on The Narrative. What's not a standard lie is Evgenia Peretz' crazy claim that I offered "texts [?] and arguments" about "the supremacy of the white race" [Email Peretz]. 

Peretz' account of this debate is entirely based on the book Hatemonger: Stephen Miller, Donald Trump, and the White Nationalist Agenda, by Jean Guerrero, of which her article is a shameless rehash. But while Guerrero appears densely stupid and dogmatic, even she nowhere suggests that I "offered" anything of the sort. She just says I "made general statements about immigrants hurting the economy"—liberal artsspeak for "made boring arguments about economics that I don't want to think about." If I had said anything about "the supremacy of the white race," Guerrero would certainly have been on to it, given her frantic determination to smear Miller.

In other words, Evgenia Peretz went to the trouble of inventing her very own Blood Libel here—because, in the current Moral Panic, talking about "the supremacy of the white race," means professional death if not actual death at the hands of BLM/Antifa. 

Peretz can reasonably described as a Media-American Princess, the daughter of Marty Peretz, the former proprietor of the New Republic and a subject of enduring fascination to Steve Sailer.

She doesn't have to bother finding out what Americans outside the elite magic circle think or say, even when it's actually reported in a book she's ripping off. She can just impute it, based on her regal status.

After all, what are the rest of us going to do—vote for Donald Trump?

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