Laureate University-The Clinton School That's Worse Than Trump U. Ever Was
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We've all heard of Trump University by now, the ramshackle for-profit enterprise offering real-estate secrets to willing buyers, to which The Donald unwisely lent his name.

Issues relating to this outfit are in litigation, as we all know. What I say about that is: Let the chips fall where they may.

Meanwhile, how many of us had heard of Laureate University? I hadn't, until the New York Post and Investor's Business Daily ran editorials about it this week.

Laureate is another for-profit operation offering to teach you business savvy. And guess what: it too is being sued by disgruntled customers.

Investor's Business Daily quotes George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley thus, quote:

Laureate … has been sued over such programs as its Walden University Online offering, which many have alleged is a scam designed to bilk students of tens of thousands of dollars for degrees. Students say that they were repeatedly delayed and given added costs as they tried to secure degrees, leaving them deeply in debt.
A shady operation, then. Why should you care?

Well, because the honorary Chancellor of Laureate University until last year was — drum roll, please [drum roll] former President Bill Clinton. According to Inside Higher Education, Bubba trousered 16½ million dollars from Laureate just from 2010 to 2014, although no-one seems to know what he did to earn it.

Bubba stepped down from the chancellorship last year, but Laureate is still in partnership with the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

Interesting, huh? But why are we only just now hearing about this? Why haven't the media been all over it? Hard to figure. I'm racking my brains but I can't think of a reason. Nothing's coming up, nothing at all. Not a thing …

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