Laura Ingraham Reads Byron York On Air: "Bringing Up 1986 Is Something Republicans Who Oppose Comprehensive Reform Do A Lot; Democrats, Not So Much"
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Here's a report from a friend who listens to talk radio about what Laura Ingraham was talking about recently:

L.I.: "Mass immigration has completely swamped British culture." ... "Elites in the Republican Party are more dangerous to us than the elites in the Democrat Party." ... reads excerpts from today's Byron York article.... "We know now what we should have known then (1986)." Hispanics won't vote Republican. If Romney had won Hispanic vote, he still would have lost. Conservatives stayed home. "Conservatives could make inroads with some union types" by opposing amnesty. Plays compilation of idiotic statements by Rubio.

The Byron York column is here: Immigration fight moves to House, with deep divide over legalization, Washington Examiner, May 20, 2013. Excerpt:

There are serious doubts about whether the GOP-led House and the Democrat-led Senate can reach an agreement. Even the title Republican House committee chairman Bob Goodlatte has given to the hearing could spell trouble: “S. 744 and the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986: Lessons Learned or Mistakes Repeated?” The “S. 744? in the title is the Gang of Eight bill, while the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act is the spectacular failure — one that led to the arrival of millions of illegal immigrants in the United States — that many of today’s lawmakers say they would like to avoid. Just bringing up 1986 is something Republicans who oppose comprehensive reform do a lot; Democrats, not so much. But on Wednesday, it will frame the whole issue.

cf Britt Hume last Friday.

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