Rep. Gohmert Warns of Islamic Infiltration in America
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Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) gave a speech earlier this month to a Horowitz Freedom Center Texas Weekend in Dallas.

Gohmert is one of the strongest defenders of freedom in Congress. His sometimes-relaxed style can belie his toughness, knowledge and courage (last fall speaking about Obama’s legacy in building a second Ottoman Empire). He has gone after members of the administration for their comfy relationship with hostile Islam, as he did last week when he questioned AG Eric Holder during a hearing [Watch]. The Representative’s request was for Congress to be allowed to see the documents about the 2007 Holy Land Foundation trial which were given to the accused contributors to Hamas terrorists but have been kept from the public.

Gohmert asked for the same evidence in 2012 from the AG, so he is quite tenacious in pursuing information about Islamic terrorists residing in the country.

The Congressman is also a defender of American sovereignty who stood with a handful of House conservatives on May 14 to speak against amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. He understands that immigration enforcement is integral to national security, remarking near the end of his Texas talk, “There are consequences to giving citizenship and to letting anybody in.”

Bad consequences, as we saw in the Boston bombing.

Watch Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX 1st District) from DHFC on Vimeo.

.Rep. Louie Gohmert: The Islamist Enemy Within,, May 17, 2013

Frank Gaffney: I’m very pleased to present to you all tonight a great American, a great Texan, one of my personal heroes and a man I’m very proud to call a great friend, Congressman Louie Gohmert.


Louie Gohmert: Oh, gosh. Thank you. Well, I’m so glad you did that before I talked. That’s really good. Now, I don’t know what you’ll do when I finish.

You’ve heard from three of our best experts earlier today, and then the ultimate expert did the introduction of me tonight. Boy, what a juxtaposition that was. But thank you, Frank, and I appreciate your kind comments. You know, I’m not a household name other than with people that work at the Huffington Post –


– and I tell my family, “Just don’t Google my name. You won’t recognize what you see.”

Back in East Texas, all three networks have stations in my hometown of Tyler, and for a town that small, 85,000, to have all three networks, they all have their own news programs, six and 10, and they’re always looking for news. Back when I was a judge, they were constantly coming to the courthouse and asking for comments. Yeah, Andy is an ultimate expert, having prosecuted the blind sheik that we really need to let go …


… or at least that’s what the people visiting the White House on a regular basis have been saying.

But anyway, so in East Texas, I’m better known. You spend a couple million dollars running for Congress, people get tired of seeing your face. And I was coming home back to Tyler one night, stopped at a — it was about two-thirty in the morning. I stopped at one of the fast fuel places. I like to travel in jeans because I don’t want to wallow around in my suit, you know? They cost too much. Jeans are comfortable. So I had on my jeans. I had my shirttail out. I prefer boots except I’ve got some Brookstone moccasins that are so great to drive in.

And so it’s two-thirty. I shuffle into this place, and I go get my Dr. Pepper and some chocolate, and I see a girl like in her 20s go over to an elderly man who was back stocking something, and she kind of pointed in my direction. Obviously seen the commercials. And I put my stuff on the counter, and she says, “Can I ask you something?” I said, “Sure.” And she said, “Are you James Taylor?”


And so I started to try to sing “Sweet Baby James,” but it wasn’t any use. I couldn’t pull it off, not talking like that, but I thanked her. But anyway, so you never know.

You know, I’m so envious of Frank’s beard. He looks so distinguished. I grew a beard one time for about six weeks before I was a judge or chief justice, and I got ready to try a case in federal court, and I was going to pick the jury that Monday.

My daughter was five. Heard me tell my wife that in East Texas, there’s some people that don’t like beards. So I was going to shave my beard before I went to pick the jury, and anyway, I was tucking our five-year-old daughter in, and she said, “Daddy, are you really going to shave your beard?” And I said, “Yeah, you like it?” And she said, “Yeah, it helps you not look like a clown.”


So, Frank, you don’t look like a clown, buddy. You look really distinguished, and I appreciate that so much.

But anyway, all of those lessons are still muddled around in my mind. I talked to Andy earlier about the things that had been discussed because you’ve had ultimate experts before you. But you hear all the talk about the Muslim Brotherhood, and sometimes — well, I’ve run into so many people that say, “When did it get started? What was it about?” And some of you may have heard me challenged in some of the small networks, you know, those that you add up all of their ratings and they don’t quite add up to Fox News viewers. But when you don’t have as many viewers as C-SPAN, it’s time to check it in. But CNN, MSNBC, they’re still hanging in there.

But anyway, they raised some Cain back when I said, “This president has really jumpstarted a new Ottoman Empire.” Now, I don’t know why they had never heard about the Ottoman Empire before.


Most people that study world history have at some point. But when I was challenged by some of the reporters, I just pointed out, “Had you looked at a map? Look at a map of the Mediterranean area and then go look up Ottoman Empire.”

But when you have a president of the United States pushing for Mubarak to be gone so that the Muslim Brotherhood can take over that country and when you have a president that not only pushes but uses bombs and planes to drive out Gaddafi — he did have blood on his hands, but as of 2003, the man had opened up everything. It so scared him when we went into Iraq that he opened up. “All right, no more pursuit of nukes, whatever you want to see.” And he was providing us substantial amounts of information on radical jihadist terrorists.

And this president — this president had agreements with him. I’d met Gaddafi’s son at one time. They said he was there on behalf of his dad, that they’d meet with, worked with the White House. I mean there were relationships there.

Lindsey Graham and John McCain, who we’re hoping will be nominated again for president next time –


I love you all, you know? So many times people don’t get sarcasm, but y’all are right on top of it. I was on Hannity one night, and I said, “Well, you know, we know that there were more people killed last year with hammers than with the so-called assault weapons, so I’m working on a bill to prohibit or ban hammers because they’re so lethal.”


I’m walking across the street this year by the Cannon building and some lady yells, “Congressman Gohmert!” I thought, “Oh, a fan. I’d sure want to see that one.” And so I turn around to wave, and this lady screams, “You leave my hammer alone. I need my hammer. Don’t you dare try to take my hammer!” “Okay, all right. Your hammer will be safe. We’ll leave it alone.”


So I love you guys. You know, you all get the sarcasm.


Sorry, I’m sarcastic again. But anyway, it is important to know — so just a little one, two, threes.

The Muslim Brotherhood was created to help reestablish a global Islamic caliphate after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire about 100 years ago. That’s where they come from. That is their goal. And there are parts of the Muslim Brotherhood that — especially right now in the United States — that are going, “Have you looked at how intrusive we have gotten into this government? We’re calling the shots.” We’re setting up the state department offices. They’ve got us hiring people.

Al-Amoudi in the Clinton administration was vetting Muslims that they should hire. Al-Amoudi — name may not ring a bell. He went in and out of the country, had close ties with Republicans and Democrats, but he was arrested at Dulles Airport, and he’s now doing 23 years for raising money for terrorism, and he was vetting people back in the late ’90s. So this has been going on a while.

And the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to establish that global caliphate, and there are those in the country who say when you look at how much in the way of inroads we have made into this government, let’s hold off on the violence for now. Violence has its place, but let’s hold off for now.

And I’m sure some of those people were deeply upset by the Boston bombing because they know they’re getting control in this country. They have the ear of the president whenever they want it.

If Netanyahu is coming over, as he was in May of 2011 to give a speech, then Imam Magid, the president of the Islamic Society of North America, one of the two largest Muslim Brotherhood front organizations in America, he advises the president on what his speech should be that he gave at the State Department, where in the inner sanctum of the State Department Imam Magid was, and you could find a video of him giving a critique of the president’s speech, and he thought it was wonderful. Yeah, he helped with it.

And so if you were surprised by the president saying everybody agrees we should go back to the pre-’67 borders and you know Imam Magid was helping him with that speech, it makes a little more sense, right?

So those kind of things, it should be understood. Now, in the United States, the Muslim Brotherhood early on was rooting itself in college campuses. That continues. They have made great strides at college campuses all over the country.

But it’s also important to note when we talk about the term Islamophobia — does anybody know who was the first to coin the word Islamophobia?

Unidentified Audience Member: Rick Santorum.

Louie Gohmert: Rick Santorum, no, no.


It was the Organization of Islamic Council, the OIC. They’re composed of 57 states — or is it — or it may be 50.


One of us has 50 and one of us has 57, but I can’t — I get confused. I don’t remember which is which. But one of us has 57. They may have 50 and we have 57. I get confused.

But anyway, yeah, they have 57 states because they include the Palestinians, and so they’re the ones that coined the phrase Islamophobia. And what a boon to them. And they began — because we pay so much money to the Middle East for oil, they have all this money coming in, so they say, “Hey, Ivy League schools.” Even at my own alma mater, Texas A&M, one of the most conservative public schools, maybe the most conservative public school in the country, they fund programs. They will give money. But you need to do a course on Islamophobia, you need to do a seminar on Islamophobia, and it’s catching on. And the media loves to talk about Islamophobes.

Well, let me tell you, I’m not an Islamophobe. And if you had seen me in Afghanistan last year being hugged as some of the Northern Alliance leaders came out of Massoud’s home there and were rushing out to hug me, it kind of scared — Michele Bachmann was with me, and because she had not met these people, and one of them was General Dostum. He was the leader of the Northern Alliance that led the Northern Alliance in defeating the Taliban within three or four months. By early 2002, they were routed, and the last battle saw the Northern Alliance, led by General Dostum — you talk about leading from the front — leading from the front, riding their horses uphill into the stronghold — the last stronghold fortress of the Taliban, being fired at with bullets and RPGs, and they were relentless. They did not give way no matter who went down, how many went down, and they routed them, and that was the last big battle.

And then they were told, “Okay, Taliban’s been routed.” Y’all remember in early 2002, we were going, wow, that is the way to win a war in that part of the country. And even for much of Iraq, people were saying — you know, Afghanistan, that is the way you fight a war. We had less than 500 American service members and intelligence members there embedded with the Northern Alliance, so they let them do the fighting.

Now, how do we regard those heroes who routed the Taliban originally? Well, now this administration calls them war criminals. They fought the Taliban the way the Taliban fought. Now, we did give them aerial support. You can read accounts of one of our intelligence or special ops guys. Dostum says, “See that bunk? See that hump over on that other ridge? That’s a bunker, has hundreds of Taliban in there.” Guy pulls a sat phone, orders a bomb to be released from the plane. Zeroes it in on the bunker, and then they ride up and kill what comes crawling out of the bunker. That’s how they defeated them.

And so anyway, we told them to give back the weapons we’d given them to use to fight the Taliban. They did, most of them. They said they kept a few.


But anyway, but these guys are going to be killed as soon as we pull out because we put our allies in the position of being thrown under bus. We are trying to negotiate with the Taliban. We’re offering them to buy offices in Qatar and we’ll release some of your murder stugs if you will simply just sit down — with no pre-condition — just sit down and talk to us.

And that’s why one of the people this administration released from Guantanamo Bay, a very helpful prison. I’ve been there, I think, three times, but it’s better than prisons in Texas, I can tell you. If you’ve got a choice, go to Guantanamo Bay. It’s a lot better.


Well, you get more movie time at Guantanamo Bay. And you think I’m kidding, but if you throw body waste on a guard, you may lose up to half of your movie-watching for the day. And only one person has lashed back, and that person was given an Article 15 and punished for doing so. I mean these guys are not being mistreated at Guantanamo Bay, but it’s important not to bring them on our soil.

So we released — the administration released one of the Taliban for humanitarian purposes. You’ll be glad to know he’s back in Afghanistan, and Massoud tells me he’s on national television, and he has made statements that are consistent with Sharia law, which says if you have not been supportive of us — you know, everybody knows the Americans have laws. That’s why they’re begging us to negotiate, but we’re not going to, and everybody knows they’re going to be out next year. So if you will come and apologize to us and beg forgiveness and ask for our protection under Sharia law, they’re supposed to provide it and they say they will. But if you do not come beg forgiveness and ask for our protection, we’ll wipe you out as soon as the Americans leave and we’re back in charge.

So much for the humanitarian purposes. I guess humanitarian — this administration thinks to kill our allies, former allies.

So you look around at what we’ve done. Oh, by the way, you understand, and I understand it’s been talked about, but it is important to know your enemy, and we have been blinded to our ability to see our enemy. And I’ve used the graph on television — on C-SPAN, but the 9/11 Commission Report referred to Islam 322 times, referred to Muslim 145 times, referred to jihad 126 times.

The current FBI counterterrorism lexicon, the language they can use, does not include jihad, does not include Muslim, does not include Islam. It includes violent extremism many times, but it doesn’t include Sharia. It doesn’t include al Qaeda even, Hezbollah, [Hamas]. And even the National Intelligence Strategy 2009 doesn’t include reference to jihad, Muslim, Islam.

Now, we know, thank goodness, that of the 1.5 billion or so Muslims, most of them don’t want to kill us; they just want to be left alone. And that’s true of the Northern Alliance. They appreciated us helping them get rid of the Taliban. That’s why I will embrace them.

The friend of us can also be the enemy of our enemy. They’re the enemy and the very effective enemy of our enemy when we don’t abandon them and set them up to be slaughtered. They’re not going to go down without a fight.

But we could make a difference if we just let the world know our friends stay our friends and our enemies will remain our enemies until they say, “We’re sorry. We’ll leave you alone.” That’s how you handle it.


So the Muslim Brotherhood internal documents show they’re committed to civilization jihad. Many believe the way to do it is to destroy Western civilization from within, but even some of those in the Muslim Brotherhood who have been saying, “Let’s stay away from violence. We’re making great inroads,” have now said, “Maybe it’s time. Maybe we’re approaching the Medina period where we turn to violence to ultimately achieve our goal.”

Thank goodness most don’t think that needs to be done. I got a call two weeks ago, a reporter demanding to know again — you would’ve though if they’d just do the homework, read the five letters we sent to five different departments — Frank’s so familiar with it — it just set out facts. There’s nothing that wasn’t factual. Nobody could point to a specific thing in our five letters because they were each different and say, “That is a lie.”

So instead, I think Senator McCain had not read my letter when he went to the floor, and Michele — Michele’s taken the biggest beating over those letters, and then she’s a patriot. She knew these were problems and they need to be dealt with.


But anyway, there’s an Egyptian magazine article this year. The article itself points out that the — this is Egypt’s Rosalyousef magazine — and the story points out that six individuals turn the White House from a position hostile to Islamic groups and organizations in the world to the largest and most important supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In the article, they point to people, specifically Arif Alikhan, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Policy Development; Mohamed Elibiary — he’s from Plano, just near here — a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council. Secretary Napolitano gave him a secret security clearance. There’s no way there was proper vetting, or she would’ve seen that he has defended in writing [Kutub], the Egyptian so-called martyr who wrote the treatise milestones that Osama bin Laden said helped turn him radical. Anyway, he was a featured speaker at the Ayatollah Khomeini Man of Vision of the 20th Century, a big program, but it was sealed, and so we don’t know what was said. He said he didn’t realize what it was when he went in to speak.


So anyway, that alone would be a reason not to have him on the Advisory Council, Homeland Security. You’re a featured speaker and you go and you didn’t even know it was paying tribute to Ayatollah Khomeini?

Also, Rashad Hussain, the US Special Envoy to the Organization of Islamic Council — or Conference; Salam al-Marayati, Co-Founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council or MPAC; Imam Mohamed Magid, President of the Islamic Society North America; and [Abu Gratell], a member of President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-based Neighborhood Partnerships. Partnerships is an operative word.

I’ve asked Director Mueller before about the letter that his assistant sent in 2009 to CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations. ISNA and CAIR were cited by the federal court here in Dallas, and it was repeated and made more affirmative by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in their opinion, that they are the two largest Muslim Brotherhood front organizations in America.

In the FBI letter in 2009, the FBI says, because of evidence that came out at the Holy Land Foundation trial, we’re going to need to suspend our partnership. Some of you have commented before about seeing the video, but when I was asking Director Mueller, my questioning came right after he had said that no, the Muslim communities are like every other community in America, and they have a direct outreach program to Muslim communities in America.

And so I asked him, “How was his outreach program,” — since we know they’re just like every other community — “How were the outreach programs going with the Buddhists and the Baptists and the Jewish communities?” And he didn’t understand the question of, “Well, you know, you said it’s just like every other community, so I’m sure…” Oh, well, they have one program for everybody else in America, an outreach program, and then they have an outreach program for the Muslim community. It’s not just like every community when the FBI has to have a special partnership program in those areas.

And so anyway, so Egyptian Magazine was one we cited him to, and in the letter, of course, the most guff was made. Senator McCain went to the floor, as I was alluding to, and he blasted us for making wild accusations about Huma Abedin, the person that started out as the intern. She went to work for the Clinton Administration as the intern or assistant for Hillary Clinton back in ’96. And, boy, we had no idea the stuff — the research that people have done, including folks you’ve got here, on Huma Abedin after we raised the issue. I had no idea some of the direct ties she had.

But anyway, we pointed out in the letter — this is all it says — “For example, according to the Muslim Brotherhood in America, the Enemy Within, a product of the Center for Security Policy, the Department’s deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin, has three family members — her late father, her mother, and her brother — connected to the Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations. Her position affords her routine access to the secretary and to policy making.”

We go on to ask — and we set out a number of things that indicate this had to have had some kind of Islamic influence to make decisions that they did — so just investigate. We’re not asking for an indictment. Just investigate the extent of the Muslim [Brother] influence.

So they didn’t challenge anything we said factually. Senator McCain goes to the floor and accuses us of making these crazy allegations against this wonderful person. Fine, but he has traveled with her. He knows her to be wonderful. But he, obviously, had not read our letter. He must’ve gotten a call from somebody that said, “You know who. They’re calling her all kinds of names.” And for whatever reason, he rushes to the floor and condemns us without even reading the letters. It was very clear.

I said, “I just wish all of these people who were making allegations against us would read the letters before they make their allegation.”


But anyway, you can go on my website,, and you can go to press releases back by summer and you can find all five of these letters. They’re very specific, and there is nothing untrue about any of them.

But how about Anwar al-Awlaki? You know, he gets bombed in Yemen, a drone strike. So we debate, “Should we be bombing people with drones or not?”

Well, I would submit a question to you. If somebody is worthy of being bombed in Yemen from a drone, should they have been leading prayers for congressional staff members who were Muslim on Capitol Hill? And I asked that question of Homeland Security because I want to know is it okay? Do they feel like it’s okay to bomb someone? Obviously, the president okayed the order to take him out in Yemen, but my question is, is that still good? If he had managed to do what [Al-Amoudi] did on a regular basis, come back and forth. We know that al-Awlaki had come back many times, back and forth. Would that order, if he’d got back in the US, still [be] a good order? Because if it was, I want to find out where he’s leading prayers on Capitol Hill and make sure I’m not in that building.


So it’s important to know if that order’s still good. But we still haven’t gotten a good answer on that.

And in the same video, where you can see al-Awlaki leading congressional staff members in Muslim prayers, you also find a guy named Randall Royer. He’s doing 20 years in prison now for his role in the Northern Virginia terrorist training plot to recruit, train, and send jihadists to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan.

His employer is a group called the Council on American Islamic Relations, CAIR. They were his employer when he was doing the things he’s doing 20 years for.

CAIR is the same entity that joined forces with ACLU to make some Freedom of Information requests. They requested information because they want to know all the words that were used. They want to even know the words that are used to train our undercover agents.

Now, you have to think about it a little bit. But if they — I’d heard from inside that they were considering granting that information. If they grant the information on what our undercover people are taught about radical Islam, that includes which author, which writer they admire his works, which ones they don’t, which ideas they hold to most firmly.

If they know what we have taught our undercover people, they can identify them immediately and kill every one of them. So it’s not just an innocent Freedom of Information Act. This is really salacious the things that are going on, and you need to understand. And when you hear things — the old saying in Washington is, “No matter how cynical you get, it’s never enough to catch up.”


So keep in mind there really may be problems we need to deal with.

And, also, you ought to be aware — Carlos the Jackal wrote from his Spanish prison, quote, “Only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States.” So that is a goal.

You wonder, how could socialists, true socialists work with Islamists? Because if those Islamists take over, the first thing they’re going to do is kill the socialists. Well, they hadn’t gotten that far. It is a problem for them not thinking past, helping them get in power. But it will be a problem for them in their lives if that happens.

But Israel understands the problem.


How difficult must it be for Israel having the intelligence they do and giving us information when they know we’re not using it properly? And the Washington Post called yesterday the office in Washington and demanded to know about why I was saying that FBI didn’t use the word jihad. Well, I don’t know. I hadn’t looked in a long time, but you used be able to find their lexicon online. It does not include the word jihad. And there are other things I’ve been told by people in the Justice Department about how they don’t want you using those words.

So you’re in the FBI. You know how the orders have come down about not being so offensive by using words like jihad. You get information from the Russians that a guy’s been radicalized and is a threat to us. So you’re sent to interview him, but you can’t talk about jihad, so you’re going to have to try to figure out if he’s a threat without getting into detail about his religious beliefs. I’m sorry, it cannot be done unless you can talk to him, “What do you think if Qutb? You know, the one that Elibiary thinks is so great, that Osama bin Laden thought. What do you think of his writing Milestones?”

Unless you can talk about the details and understand your enemy, you can’t make proper decisions, and obviously we’ve got dinner and you’ve got dessert with a better speaker, Ted.


The first time I heard Ted speak was in the Supreme Court. There were 12 lawyers. Two cases were combined, and I went, “Wow, he was the best lawyer of all 12.” He was far and away the best. So we’re blessed in Texas for sure.


So you’ve got that to look forward to.

But it is important to know your enemy. Now, if you don’t study what your enemy believes — and I love the old movie Patton. There was a scene where he’s in there, “[Ramul], you magnificent fatherless child,” –


“I read your book!” That’s how you defeat an enemy. You read their book. You understand them, what they think, how they think. You’ve got to know that.

And if you don’t know that a believer that the 12th Imam will return — some say already has — getting ready to make his appearance publicly, if you don’t understand what 12ers believe, and that includes the Ayatollah Khomeini and Ahmadinejad, who’s having some of his own problems now, but you understand, you study what they believe.

Now, they believe the 12th Imam will come, will return, and he will come to the tiny town of Kufa. Well, nowadays, Kufa is in Iraq. He can’t come back to Kufa if infidels occupy the area. If you know that and you know that Iran is exerting all the influence they can on Iraq and you know that you want a Status Of Forces Agreement with Iraq, that we set this government up that they’ve got, we’re the ones that allowed Maliki to be elected by the people. If you know that and you understand what the 12ers in charge of Iran believe, you will understand Iran will do everything they possibly can to keep a Status Of Forces Agreement from being made.

Mitt Romney raised it in the debate. “Well, you wanted a SOFA agreement or a status of force agreement. You couldn’t get it done. That just shows weakness.” It shows he did not understand who was really putting pressure because Maliki knew — of course, he’s thrown me out of the country, me and Dana Rohrabacher, but I’ve been thrown out of better places.


But we know. Maliki knew that we were leaving the country, and he knew that Iran had people all over the place, and once we have gone, he would either be a dead man or he’d work with Iran. So guess what he did? He said hostile things about us to try to ingratiate himself, and from the American standpoint, we saw people constantly being killed with IEDs. Guess where most of those were coming from? Iran.

If you understand your enemy, you can anticipate that and you can shut that border down or you can take action. But this administration does not, will not, refuses to understand that.

So let me just finish by telling you — oh, by the way, you know how al-Awlaki was able to come in and out of the country so easily any time he wanted to? His father and mother came over. He went to college here for a bit, and she had al-Awlaki when they were here on a visa, returned, he’s radicalized, he comes back supposedly radicalized or helped radicalize the Times Square bomber.

There are consequences to giving citizenship and to letting anybody in. I asked officially of the State Department a couple years ago how many people have come over on visas and had babies while they were here on the visas. The answer we got was, “We don’t know. We don’t keep track of that. We don’t ask on the form if somebody’s pregnant. That would be inappropriate.”

Well, how about asking, “Do you anticipate having hospitalization while you’re here,” because we’re going to pay for it, and we have. What’s wrong with asking that? And they said if I really want to know how many people were born to Muslim Brotherhood foreigners whose mom was here on a visa, I will need to go to every county, parish in America, check their birth records, and check them against Muslim Brotherhood influence. That’s our State Department.

Folks, it’s time we hold some people accountable. It’s time we force the Republican leadership to hold people accountable.


And let’s get a clean slate in Washington. Thank y’all very much.

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