Britt Hume On Senate Amnesty Hearings: "Condemning The Bill To A Death Sentence"
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H/T One Old Vet


H/T One Old Vet for drawing my attention to  Brit Hume: I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rubio vote against final immigration bill by Jeff Poor The Daily Caller 05/17/2013


Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume warned Friday that the “Gang of Eight” efforts to pass immigration reform could be in trouble not only in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, but also in the Democratic-controlled Senate as well.

“I think the bill is in trouble,” he said on Laura Ingraham’s radio program…

“If the Senate wants to reject all the amendments to toughen the enforcement provisions, they’re just condemning the bill to a death sentence. That’s my take on it — that those provisions that were talked about have turned out to be a lot weaker than was advertised.”


Britt Hume has no record as a Patriot on immigration. Saying this is not going to make him popular on the DC cocktail circuit. Possibly not with his employer either.


I think he is being naïve about Rubio.

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