LaTourette Achievement: Speaker Boehner Explains Why Speaker Boehner Has To Go
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Boehner LaTourette

Boehner and LaTourettes: Cute doesn't cut it.

Congressman Steve LaTourette, whose belated and petulant retirement decision has left Republicans in Ohio’s 14th District without a candidate 3 months before the election (GOP Rep. LaTourette announces retirement Thomas J. Sheeran Tuesday, July 31, 20012) is no loss.

Although he had a NumbersUSA Career Ranking of C, (better than Ohio neighbor Rob Portman’s D+, at least! ) this was achieved by using the Eric Cantor tactic of steadily opposing the technical illegalities involved in the current immigrant inundation, but avoiding any action to control the absolute size of the influx. A more appropriate assessment is found in the Madison Project’s analysis:

LaTourette was one of the 5 worst performers in 2011 (40.5% score), so even for a marginal Republican district, he dramatically underperformed (-24 index). But that still does not encapsulate the extent of our problems with this 16-year veteran.

LaTourette is a senior member of the appropriations committee and uses his seniority and friendship with John Boehner to interject himself into every major legislative battle in a negative way…Steve LaTourette is a cancer on the Republican Conference.

But LaTourette has performed one valuable service on exiting: he caused John Boehner to explicitly state why ending the Boehner Regime must the top priority in the 113th Congress.

This comes in a peculiar article in The Hill today Longtime allies Boehner, LaTourette had already gone their separate ways By Russell Berman 08/04/12

At around 10 p.m. on the night before he announced his retirement from Congress, Rep. Steve LaTourette got a call at home from one of his closest friends: Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio)…

“He said he loves me, and I told him I love him, and that’s enough for me,” the centrist Ohio Republican recalled.

In this Boehner sadly reveals a horrible tendency which distresses him

…you know, members tend to reflect their constituents. I've been around here awhile. I've watched this process. And the American people are probably more polarized now than any time since I've been here. And as a result we see that polarization reflected here in the halls of Congress.

And then declares his preference:

even though both sides have some sharply different views and ideologies, our job is still to find the common ground.” ( emphasis)

Finding “common ground” was definitely not what the voters who returned the Republicans to control of the House in 2010 wanted. They knew Obamacrat regime was packed with Treason Lobby activists with whom no compromise is possible – except surrender. They wanted effective action on Official English, Birthright Citizenship and E- Verify. And support for Arizona. And if the Senate blocked such action, or the President vetoed it, everyone would have been on the record and unable to hide from the electorate.

Boehner betrayed them. What they got instead was nothing – apart from blatant connivance at the Obamacrat dismantling of Immigration controls, culminating in the uncontested imposition of Administrative Amnesty, throwing away all the ground held so courageously in the Bush Amnesty Wars.

Which means quite apart from the issues involved, Boehner and his cronies have failed to defend the Constitutional role of Congress – like Romney.

Or perhaps the ‘common ground’ they found was to agree to let the Treason Lobby proceed uncontested?

The Hill reports

 LaTourette …has publicly chafed at the influence that conservative freshmen have had on the leadership… asks influence where?

At this point, the only useful influence which matters is in replacing the House Leadership.

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