Latest WSJ Idiocy
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Paul Gigot interviews Colorado Governor Bill Owens, and asks if Colorado would suffer terribly if, through some magical happenstance, they had a "Day Without A Mexican:"

Gigot: What would happen to the state's economy, Colorado economy, if suddenly you stopped getting those willing workers, because that is I assume why they're coming? Would the economy suffer?

Owens: Well, I think it would, but I also think, to be fair to the other side, that there are some significant costs because of some of these folks who are moving here illegally. And so what I would like to see is a way to handle our worker needs legally and above the table and have them pay taxes, rather then have them underground with some of the problems that we're seeing through that illegality that sometimes they are forced into. Crossing the Line | Congress wants to beef up the border, but will the restrictions go too far?, March 20, 2006

Once again, in economic terms, immigration benefits employers at the expense of workers and taxpayers. No one else gains, except the immigrants themselves.

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