Krauthammer Says Court Win Problem for GOP, But Real Problem Is Krauthammer Himself
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Charles Krauthammer is one of those sophomoric thinkers that the Beltway Right insists on pretending is actually a genius. Krauthammer even managed to say the decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is a "problem" for Republicans.

“For the Republicans, you know, it's a problem,” the syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor said.  “It's like the case going forward on Obamacare and the thing about the exchanges and the subsidies.”

Krauthammer added that “if somehow this would be completely tossed out, then the question will be, 'well, what's your plan on immigration reform, if anything?' I think, up until now you can say, 'well, it's in the hands of the courts, but at a certain point it's not going to be and you're going to have to answer."

[Krauthammer: Immigration win 'a problem' for Republicans, FoxNews, May 26, 2015]

For Krauthammer, the only permissible answer is an Amnesty/Immigration Surge. Like so many other Conservatism Inc. functionaries, the failure in 2012 scared him into believing the only way the Republican Party could stay competitive was to import millions more Democratic voters.

His column on "getting immigration right" talked up enforcement, but presupposed that the Democratic Party had any interest in enforcing the law. That's why "Enforcement, Then Amnesty" is a nonstarter and in practical terms, he's essentially willing to let tens of millions of illegals stay in the country in exchange for nothing [Really Getting Immigration Rightby James Edwards, CIS, February 4, 2013].

Krauthammer's thinking is tired and predictable on other issues as well. Observing the rising tide of anti-Jewish sentiment in Europe, Krauthammer managed to suppress the fact that it is coming from the immigrant Muslims so many antiracist (and, as Paul Gottfried points out, disproportionately Jewish) organizations were determined to import.

What's amazing about his "problematic" (as SJW's would say) stance on immigration is that Krauthammer has admitted Obama's unilateral amnesty is "impeachable"[Krauthammer: Impeachable Offensesby Daniel Halper, Weekly Standard, November 13, 2014]. But he doesn't actually want Republicans to do it. In his mind, the GOP can only surrender to the inevitable and avoid doing anything that will get them in trouble with the media.

Krauthammer has the reputation of a deep thinker. But there's no evidence he's ever spent any time thinking about immigration beyond slogans that can be recycled on Fox News.


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